Turn Your Fortune

Turn Your Fortune Slot – Netent Slots

Fortune Slot is a video slot developed by Net Entertainment made up of 5 reels, 4 rows and forty fixed paylines. It consists of free spins, respins, replaceable wild and fortune wins with a RTP of 96.24%. it was launched on January 3, 2019.

turn your fortune slot

turn your fortune slot

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The slot is made up of 5reels, 4 rows and forty stagnant paylines, replaceable wild, respins, free spins and fortune wins with a RTP of 96.24%

About Fortune Slot

Do you know you can make a lot of fortune from just spinning? Try out this slot if you want to make a fortune. On this slot players can amass a wining amount to two thousand times their total bet. Free spins are triggered by collecting icons in this game the same thing goes for respin. In addition, the winning will keep on increasing in you can land keys on the reel 5. The game was released on January 3, 2019 and with it release comes New Year blessings.

Slot Details

The slot has an amazing graphics and designs with a black background and the game window containing a golden frame and rich coloured pay icons. With each wins, the screen will keep glowing with the green colours. The game soundtrack is made up of that of the music, the wheel sound and the noises accompanied all processes.

The slot is made up of 5reels, 4 rows and forty stagnant paylines, replaceable wild, respins, free spins and fortune wins with a RTP of 96.24% based on the variance between the medium and high. The highest win that can be amass initially is two thousand times the total bet, however, a player can win more if the respin feature is triggered. NetEnt controls can be used to readjust the bet range and the denominations of the coin. One thousand spins can take place with the auto spin feature in which players will set the amount of spins and when it should stop spinning. The game can be played on computer, phone, tablet and any iOS devices.

The stages will be unlocked by the pay icons, a wild icon, a scatter icon and an additional key icon. The bet will be multiply by two or twenty when 5 is lined up on the payline. The wild icon can replace every other icon apart from the key icons and scatters. Only on reel 5 will you see the golden key icon.

Fortune Wins Bonus Game

The fortune win bonus having a main actor located at the left hand side of the game window. The bonus is only in action when there is free spins session and fortune respins. In the bonus session, there are 5 stages and as the stage increases the values of coin increases. The stage 5 coin value is in between fifty and two thousand coins whereas for stage1, it is in between five to one hundred fifty coins. When you will one bonus game, the amount amassed will be multiply by twenty. 5 coins is the minimum amount to be won during bonus game which implies that the total amount will be multiplied by twenty which is the same regardless of how much you win.

To proceed from stage one to stage two, gamers must have collected enough icons for it to be unlocked. The amount you will be paid will depend on the stage that you reached before you finish the game.

Fortune Re-spins Feature

With the near misses spins you can land a big winning opportunity. The near misses spins are regarded to as teasers spins. To initiate this feature, players must land 2 scatters and also touch a payline on the reels. Once the evaluation and payment for the payline is carried out, Fortune respins feature is then initiated which will eventually lead to the fortune win bonus feature. Once initiated, the winning icons maintain the same position they are and serve as the collectible for the respin.

On the reels, you will only find the collectible icons and the key icons when the respin is going on. Another respin will be given if any icon showncase on the reel. This feature will come to a halt once there is no more collectible icons and the win line will be evaluated and payment will be made.

Fortune Slot Free Spins

The free spin will be initiated by the appearance of scatter on reel 1, 3 and 5. The free spin and the respins will be given when these three scatters are landed on the reel. Out of the two, the free spin will first take place then you will be led to another screen showcasing a three bonus reels. There nine sections in the 3 bonus reels with the one outside having free spins of 7 – 13, the one at the middle showcasing every 9 pay icons whereas the one inside containing three sections and a key.

After twenty five seconds, the wheel will stop itself or the player can decide to stop it before then. Any section that halt at the position of the arrow will determine how much free spins will be given.

The counter is the store house for the collectible icons when the free spinning is going on. The value of the coins is increased whenever a key drop onto reel 5. The dropping of scatters on reel 1, 3 or 5 will create another free spin session.

Our Opinion

After the production of Vikings slot, nobody expect Net Entertainment to produce another slots that will be more interesting as soon as possible but the creation of this slot has proved it wrong. This is highly commendable and with all the features in it, it is absolutely good for players who want to amass winnings at the end. Try out the game and you will never regret doing so.