Ozzy Osbourne Slot

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A slot game review designed by NetEnt developer, titled Ozzy Osbourne Video Slot, features 5 reels, 3-row, 20 non-adjustable pay-lines, which blends retro-based style & contemporary development to the gameplay, with several rewarding feature & RTP value ranging from 96.30%-96.67%, with the winning rate considered at 24.2%-25.5%

Ozzy Osbourne Slot

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Additional Details

  • Launch Date: 2019
  • Mobile & PC-friendly
  • RTP value: 96.3%
  • Volatility: High
  • Game Category: Video Slot

Ozzy Osbourne Video Slot

A more significant number of the masses must have, by any chance, come across Ozzy Osbourne. Right from the '70s, this character is evergreen & stunning way back, & this character dumped aside in his impressions, an evolving effect of classical music accomplishments, comprising of having crunched the skull of a bat in at just one count. Do you for once through in your existence consumed something as disgusting of such instance.


Ozzy Osbourne features twenty non-adjustable pay-line secured firmly in a distinguished five-reel, three-row arrangement. The system of play falls under a Video Slot with retro-based style & contemporary development. Players can take advantage of the moderate variance, overwhelmed along with entertaining accompaniment & stunning visuals.

Ozzy Osbourne is quite the latest brand-named game from NetEnt developer & provides Repeated & bonus spins along with an engaging icon Repower. In preparation for every single bonus & Repeated Spins, these icons Charge Up tends to turn on & grant a reward of an individual or various accompaniment such as Multiplying co-efficient, Wild characters, Coin Payouts, or character Boost. Indeed, the possible award is unpredictable by the game player.

Bonus Stakes

Also, the free bet includes notable features. At the same time, players turn on this feature; they can get their winning potentials jacked up, & as well add bonus Spin & boosted Multiplying winning factor.

Available Giveaways

Examine the several giveaways therein, you can have great delight with exceptional offerings all through the sector & we are sure that even the pickiest person can by no doubts get something that complements his / her gaming style.

Bet Limit & RTP

We can say the slot lies within the range of moderate variance slot, interesting & exciting, interest to all kinds of the gamester. Under the configuration, you can use any from 1 -5 automatic Bet sizes & six automatic coin range set-up: (€) 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5.

The automatic minimum & maximum stakes get arranged at 0.2 / 100 Euro respectively & allow players flexibility, ultimate authority over the stakes, particularly each time he/she includes free Bet feature to this combination.

The RTP value ranges from 96.30%-96.67%, with the winning rate considered at 24.2%-25.5%, the amount of bonus spins excluding free stakes is 1/259 for each spin. The value of bonus spins alongside free stakes triggered is 1/140. With these offerings, they thereby assure an extremely amusing gambling encounter.


Free stakes

Users of this game require the full percent of their bets to turn on these free stakes. Whatever stakes as low as 20 pence, given this free stake feature in active mode, can further raise the 20 pence to 40 pence. However, the more you stake, the higher the percentage. Here are what this free stake offers;

  • Additional bonus Spins
  • Increased Multiplying winning coefficient
  • Higher possibility of m arriving at winnings with this feature

Massive Return to Player value

Bonus stakes allow the opportunity for players to arrive persistently, not just impressive payouts, but on the pursuits of life-changing winnings. While a player places more bets, as a return, he/she can obtain a much-elevated winning rate with these features, likewise more massive maximum payouts & more significant Return to player percentage.

During bonus spins, while the free bet feature is active, users can obtain the highest reaction towards this slot & get to discover larger RTP of which most huge risk-takers will like to have a taste & enjoy the offer.

Re-Spin Feature

While Two of the scatter icons comes into view over first, third & fifth reels during the base game, this can turn on the Repeated Spin feature. These Re-Spins have the potentials to offer huge payouts since they get programmed with several incredible functions.

Character Charge Up

There exist several extraordinary features this character Charge Up has tendencies to turn on, as they include Multiplying winning coefficient, Wild, Coin. This feature comes to life ahead of every single bonus spin & Re-Spin.

Characters Charge Up, Icons Rotator before anything else, describes symbol, & after that, the Feature Rotator then details the function necessary to complement this character. While this is in place, relax & get set for some amazements.

Coin Winnings

Each selected character over the display rewards coin winnings.

Character Multiplying co-efficient

This feature grants Multiplying winning co-efficient to amplify the entire winning combination alongside selected symbols.

Wild Icons

The selected icons transform into wild character


Every typically selected symbol tends to convert to subsequent symbols of high worth in the rankings

Bonus Spins

While Three of Scatter icons comes into view over first, third & fifth reels during the base game or Scatter character surfaces over Feature rotator during ReSpins feature, thereby generates some bonus Spins.

While having some gameplay during the main play, you can trigger four bonus spins, whereas playing with free stakes can turn on five bonus spins, quite amazing.

Background & Theme

Ozzy Osbourne Slot adopts a setting positioned across a dark, unlit area, with Ozzy referred to as the ruler of nighttime ultimately. Bonus spins set off the scene, & electric current moves rapidly to the reels, then illuminate the icons.

Every single character gets proficiently demonstrated & designed through squads of keen graphic designers. Breathtaking visual impressions add some energy & make the livelier of this slot throughout the entire process.


The tunes incorporate several best-known music's to an impressive musical background. If at all you gain access to the bonus spins feature or arrive at land some massive payouts, this slot tunes blends perfectly to the adventure with a sensation of a magnificent Ozzy Osbourne performance!

The sound impressions encompass songs of electric power bubbling over the reels, & that of bats splashing across the display your screen0 backed with dreadful, blood-stained graphics.


Players can stumble upon four icons of high worth, which represents Ozzy in diverse models. The best-loved symbols by us are the heroic Ozzy, which sinks its teeth into the bat skull, considered as the most rewarding symbol which grants 50x of the players bet.

Besides, you'll come across four icons which reward less depicted in the form of card combinations constituted with representations like prey, craniums, intersections & red-pick.

The Wild character gets represented as a devilish bat, Whereas the scatter icons get represented as demon train. It's possible spiritual individuals desire to stave off their sight, not a bit of hero have permissions in Ozzy's hideout.

Methods to operate this slot

There are ten non-adjustable pay-lines with separate stakes sizes & coin denomination. The maximum stakes value runs the slot at the full Return & present coin range. Ozzy Osbourne Slot considers an automatic play feature to its functionality, whereby players can predetermine the number of plays/spins & turn on the game without the need to control it manually.

This game paytable influences every prize & winning combo; the worth of winnings with these icons displayed through the table tends to modify according to the chosen stake amount. The stake rankings refer to coins bet quantity for each stake pay-line.

Winnings on a bet pay-line with coins equal to the amount displayed through the Paytable magnified with the stake rankings. Stakes Pay-line winnings with currency commensurate to payouts in coins expanded with coin denominations.

Fairness & Safety

NetEnt includes one of the foremost software developers in the gaming industry all through the universe. Every of its software gets endorsed & accredited under the authority of private licensing agencies, which ascertains that the software's are verifiably even-handed t& function the way it's publicized/marketed.

Final Words

At last, here comes a slot game in title of Ozzy Osbourne– & to be frank NetbEnt has splendidly done well, comparing to other developers’ version of Ozzy, this NeyEnt slot seems to outshine others.

There are numerous slot games with high profile previously launched way back that has gained so much momentum across the gaming sector, for instance, Guns N' Roses, Motorhead, among others.

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