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Reel Rush 2 Slot

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This is a unique game with a lot of amazing features. The establishment of the game was made in 2013, and then it was kind of pretty wild.

Up till this present moment, the players still scratch their hands. There are some things regarding the madness that works. It is exciting and colorful. For this reason, we took the recipe and turned it to a notch.

Focus on the Game

This Reel Rush is highly volatile, it has up to 5 reels with betways that are up to 3,125. The features of the games include Re-Spins, Wild Substitution, Super Free Spins, Random Features, and the likes.

This slot adapts some elements from the mechanics inspired by the social gaming, and makes this look very much like a social app. The random features on the games are up to 8 and the free spins are up to 2 in which all is the combination of a perfect synch.

The moment the free spin is awarded to you, there are three choices to be offered by the players. The tokens include Gamble Oil Super Tokens, Play the Free Spins, and the Buy Super Tokens. With this, the players will be given

This slot has taken arranged the best part of the games and packed it with a lot of extra games just to ensure the players have an entertaining and fun-filled experience. A combination of the random features have been made so that your constant actions can be balanced. Casual players will find the gameplay appealing, but then the top prize is going to be 25,000x of the total amount you staked. The slot has all it takes to attract the jackpot players as well.

Graphics and Sounds

This is an amazing, bubbly, and video game. It has some unique symbols that are stylized and they are apt representations of fruits. What you are certain to meet on this slot include Juicy candy, starry wilds, and cube-shaped fruits. Just like some other games provided by the NetEnt, you will want to explore the world.

It's kind of hard to describe the sound of the games, the birdsong was mixed with melody. This is a nice accompaniment to the game.

Betting Rules

There are up to 5 reels and 5 rows on this slot, and the best ways are up to 3,123. As the bet level ranges from 1-10, and the default coin value ranges from €0.01 to €0.2. The minimum bet that can be made €0.2 and the maximum is €40. The free round values are at level 1 in which the bet level is up to 45.

Just hit up the bonus site so that you will know the best bonus offered all around the internet.


This is a feature-rich and feature-rich Reel Rush 2. Part of the Second features include Random Wilds, Symbol Upgrade, Extra Super Tokens, Super Free Spins, Free Spins, Multiplier Boost, and the Super Tokens.

Now let us look at some of the features included. The train tracks are the first thing that you will notice on this casino. Aside from that, the random features can pop up anytime and I turn give you great wins.

Looking at the second feature of the game, the re-spins are certain to get you to where the main games. There are features of the random wild which ranges from 1 to 3.

When a multiplier is triggered by the random symbol, this is an indication that the multiplier feature symbol has been activated.

Some selected symbols turn to symbols that pass higher by the paytable made available.

The progressive multiplier is being increased by the progressive multiplier


All that you have to do is a winning combination on the reels, get more spins, and get more wins on your way. The players are going to be awarded with a re-spin while you can get winning combination.

Free Spins

All that you have to do is to unlock some of the play area and as well seeing the appearance of the free spins on the screen. Three choices are available on this game and they include gamble super tokens, buyer super tokens, and you can just go straight by enjoying the free spins given.

Anytime you unlock a block, there are some extra token that you are certain to get. If you can get 2000 tokens, you will be taken to the super free spins.

When you are enjoying the free spins, the progressive meter on the right side.


This is slot is what you will be in love with when you are playing, it can make great wins come your way. Just go ahead and give it a try and you will be forever convinced.

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