The Battle for Troy Slot

The Battle for Troy Slot Review: Best RTG Slots

RTG's newest slot machine is called “Ares: The Battle For Troy” and manages to make war feel like nothing more than another fun activity thanks its simple design with few blood spatterings or violent screams coming from soldiers during combat scenes–in other words only what we see as gamers playing against enemies rather than experiencing first hand all that goes along with real battle situations!

The Battle for Troy Slot

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Ares, the god of war and violence in Ancient Greece comes to life with this slot. This is a historically-based game about battling for control over Troy – an ancient city that was destroyed by Alexander the Great during his campaign against Persia in 334 BC. The player can get 243 winning ways on 5 reels as they try their best to wield weapons like swords, spears or bows while overcoming obstacles such as brick walls and even fearsome beasts!

A Show from the Gods

One particular difference we noticed about this game was its background; it's not what you would typically see when playing slots that are modeled after Roman or Greek culture–this has more varied scenery within than most games do! One half features a battle between two women: An amazonian warrior and some sort of goddess wielding magical powers.

We were expecting a different style of slots, but when we saw the real cash slot it was something very unexpected. The background had gods fighting with each other and there wasn't much toga clad men as you would typically see in Ancient Roman or Greek styled games. It is usually filled with ornate columns that have ancient figures on them, but instead our eyes met an explosion of colors behind the grid which really caught us off guard because its so interesting yet unique at the same time!

The Power of Troy

The Trojan Horse is one of the most famous and cunning tactics in history. Most people know about it, even if they haven't read a single book all their lives; we're all aware that this tricky plan was used to take over Troy by luring the Trojans inside with an impressive gift horse. The Trojan Horse Bonus takes some cues from ancient strategy while also trying out something new, but doesn’t quite hit its mark yet as far as being truly clever goes – which isn't bad for a teaser leading up to another game mode!

The ancient Greeks were masters in the art of warfare. They are also known for their famous Trojan Horse and its ingenious attack plan to conquer Troy. In this game from RTG, you can be just as cunning by launching your very own personal attacks against other players! To do so, get three scatter symbols – that’s the Trojan Horses- then start picking shields on various rows until you find either a prize or symbol which ends each round and returns you back to base game mode where helmets await those who don't have “Collect” signs yet.”

Simple Attacks

When it comes down to gameplay on this game, well there are plenty of options for everyone thanks in large part due the lack of conventional lines that we see used with other games. Plus, when considering how dynamic these changes make things – not only does your winnings increase but so too does the number of possible combinations which gives us even better odds at winning (243).

RTG's betting range is so flexible, that even your tightest of budgets can afford to join in. The starting wager starts at a measly 0.25 credits while the top end ranges up to 125 dollars! We know this isn't as friendly on some people's wallets but it doesn’t make accessing funds any harder for you either way because RTG RealTime Gaming has an extremely diverse spread which means we have something perfect no matter how much money you want or don’t have access too.

Shout for Battle

Finding a new slot machine can be difficult and daunting. There are so many to choose from, all with different themes and various gameplay mechanics that make them unique in their own way. RTG has some of the best slots on offer today; they're not flashy or complicated, but effective for those who want something simple while still being able to win big time prizes! Gladiator Wars is one such game – it's as brutal as its namesake suggests (you'll find less glitter than you would elsewhere) but just as thrilling because victory never feels like an impossibility.


There is a great power in the raw passion and excitement of battle. But what if you could experience it from up close without any risk? As avid video gamers, we were drawn to RTG's new game Ares: The Battle for Troy because this slot machine not only captures that powerful emotion but does so with unprecedented user friendliness. You can enjoy all aspects of ancient warfare without ever leaving your living room-the design style helps transport players into another era while still being usable by anyone who wants to give this thrilling game a try!

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The Battle for Troy Slot

The Battle for Troy Slot

The Battle for Troy Slot Review: Best RTG Slots RTG's newest slot machine is called “Ares: The Battle For Troy” and manages to make war feel like nothing more than...

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