Playing Online Casino & Casino Games – System Requirements

Before downloading an online casino to your PC, it is advisable to review the online casino’s website and determine the minimum system requirements needed to use the application. Following this step, you can check your PC to ensure its capabilities and storage are sufficient.

Playing at online casino games requires users download a software application to their computers, install it, and use it for play. This process is, in fact, very similar to what you are doing right now with your browser (i.e. you installed it on your computer and launched it in order to surf the internet). Nearly every application works this way, with the main differences among them represented by program size and the required computer and system resources to use it.

The information reported in online casino web sites

When preparing to download an online casino, it is important to check the online casino’s website in advance and find the page where its minimum system requirements are listed. All online casinos report this data. If you are unable to locate it, the casino’s customer service department can provide it to you. Online casino system requirements cover the following:

  • Operational System – Typically, online casinos adapt themselves to the most recent Microsoft Windows operating system update. It is, however, possible that the application is not compatible with very old editions of Windows (for example: Windows 95). Not all online casinos are programmed to run on Mac.
  • Processor – As Intel microprocessors are the most widely used, the manner in which minimum system requirements are listed often conform to Intel processor data. The figures refer to processor type and speed requirement.
  • RAM – This stands for Random Access Memory and is the data that refers to the total memory used by the application. Without this minimum memory requirement the application cannot work. If, however, you have RAM above the minimum requirement the application will run much faster.
  • Colors – The 16-bit data, for example, refers to the colors quality settings. In order to get a good level image, the player has to set up his computer with at least the minimum requirement.
  • Free hard disk space – Downloaded, saved and installed online casino applications occupy a given space within a computer and require a certain amount of fixed memory. This system requirement figure shows how much memory the online casino you are preparing to install on your PC hard disk needs.
  • Screen resolution – Defines which minimum screen resolution setting must be employed in order to display the online casino at its best.

In addition to these requirements, you may also find the amount of time needed to download the online casino according to the type of internet connection provided (i.e. broadband or modem). A broadband connection allows downloading the application more quickly than a modem connection.

How to find this information on your Computer

Verifying that your PC requirements suit the minimum system requirements needed to download, install and use the application is very simple:

Operational System – Click on the “Start” button on the left side of your computer. A pop-up menu will appear, where is listed the version of Windows installed on your computer.

My Computer – Right click your mouse on the “My Computer” icon. The window that opens contains all the technical data required: operational system, processor type, speed and RAM memory.

Free space on your hard disk – Now left click on the “My Computer” icon. Your hard disk data will appear: total space, used space and available space.

Color and Screen Resolution – Position your cursor on any open space on your desktop (not an icon). Right click. A small dialogue box will open. Click “Properties”. The properties dialogue box will open, and you can adjust the bit color and screen resolution settings.

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