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People today from all walks of life are looking for diversions from the stress and pressures of daily life, and are turning to online Roulette, the hottest game on the World Wide Web, to satisfy this need.  Online Roulette is a remarkable tribute to the techno-engineers who have replicated the original land casino model down to its most finite point.  There is no game in the casino quite like Roulette – with one spin of the wheel, fortunes can be lost or made, hearts can be broken, or lives can be reborn forever.

Online Roulette

Online Roulette – One Spin …

We’ve all experienced carnival barkers attempting to get us to try a spin of the wheel for a chance at a prize, usually, something really tacky or useless.  Anyway, we surely don’t want to invest any money in something that we don’t need and can’t use.  I wonder how busy that carnival stand would be if the barker were spinning the wheel for huge cash payouts, say at odds of 35-1.  Well, that’s what you are playing for every time you place a $1 bet on a number on the online Roulette wheel.

Online Roulette is the most definitive game in the casino parlour.  You place your money on a number or groups of numbers, or other betting combinations, such as colours (red or black).  Once the bet is placed, and you click your mouse to “Spin,” there are no more changes that can take place.

The ball rolls counter-clockwise to the spinning wheel, which leads to an almost mesmerizing effect on those who attempt to follow the ball.  As the ball lands on a number, you know right away the result of your play.  There is no opportunity to change the cards you were dealt, or add a bet after the initial roll of the dice as in Craps.  One spin – one number – one chance to win a fortune in online Roulette.

Online Roulette – Playing the Odds

Online Roulette is the most emotional game in the casino parlour.  You can get carried away with your bets if you are not prudent.  I’ve witnessed people hitting their number in the game of Roulette only to find that they have eradicated most of their winnings by making conflicting and compromising bets, just to cover the wheel.  However, in order to bring in the big bucks, you must understand the odds and avoid betting against yourself by loading the board with mindless, contradictory bets.

What do we mean by playing the odds and avoiding contradictory betting patterns?  OK!  Let’s say that you’ve logged on to your favourite casino gambling parlour on the World Wide Web, and have entered an online Roulette room.   First of all, make sure that the table minimum is within your budget.  Then, place your bets!

By playing the odds we mean that you should bet on hunches that feel right, and refrain from betting on anything else.  So, if you place on 5 Red, don’t make an equal bet on the colour black.  Why?  Because you’ve reduced your odds of return on a 1 in 36 chance number to a 1-17.5 return.  This is how you lose at online Roulette.