Online Backgammon Game

The most intriguing of all casino gambling parlour games is online Backgammon. The reason for the sudden and unforeseen interest in online Backgammon is a testament to the essence of the game.

Online Backgammon is a descendant of the game that has roots dating back to ancient Egypt. We know of this derivation because of artefacts from ancient Egyptian times which closely resemble the game board and pieces of Backgammon.

The reason why the game of Backgammon has passed the test of time is the nature of the game: anticipate, search and destroy. Online Backgammon gives gambling enthusiasts the opportunity to participate in this cerebral contest from the comfort of their homes.

Online Backgammon – Resembles “Risk”
Online Backgammon resembles many modern day games. It seems to incorporate bits and pieces from the game of checkers and from the card game called “War.” However, there is a board game that has been popular both in the United States and Europe for well over sixty years. The name of the game is “Risk.”

The object of the game of “Risk” is to take possession of every country throughout the world. The best players of the game utilize patience, persistence, and anticipation to slowly erode any challenge from common opponents and gradually occupy all lands in every corner of the each continent. Online Backgammon mimics the game of “Risk” in many ways.

Online Backgammon is a test of one’s will. The trademark characteristic of the prominent Online Backgammon player is reserved aggression. Game strategy combines with a dose of luck of the dice to effect a fruitful and pleasant end to the game’s proceedings.

Online Backgammon – Game Hints
Online Backgammon is played on a checkerboard-like surface with fifteen Backgammon pieces for each player. The object of the game is to “bear off” all your pieces before your opponents do. There are twenty-four spaces on the Backgammon board in the shape of triangles, as opposed to the squares on the checkerboard.

Players move their pieces with rolls of dice, and one’s pieces can land in any of these spaces: an empty space; a space occupied by an opponent; a space occupied by an unprotected piece of your opponent. Online Backgammon is achieved when you have removed all your pieces and your opponents have not removed any of theirs.

For maximum Online Backgammon game strategy, try these hints:

Protect your pieces (checkers) by pairing them up together.
Anticipate a hit by your opponent by securing a safe place for your pieces to land.
Start out on low minimum online Backgammon tables until you have developed the confidence and game acumen to move to a higher level of competition.
Online Backgammon has become popular with mature ladies and younger men who enjoy the leisurely, yet competitive, game. Online Backgammon can be played for free on many sites on the World Wide Web. There are also chat rooms throughout the social networks on the ‘Net in which you can pick up suggestions for strategic manoeuvres from other online Backgammon players.