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For a thrilling adventure that combines Tarzan, King Kong as well as Jurassic Park, all coming together with the opportunity to win great rewards as play a game with many enjoyable and awesome features then check out Golden Gorilla! You must find this iconic gorilla which is golden in color. Many believe that this beast bestows unimaginable wealth on those who find its location. But you’d have to befriend ferocious dinosaurs and wild gorillas as you wade through dense jungles in dangerous terrain so be prepared for anything!

To get started on this amazing adventure, all you have to do is bet 0.01 coins per spin and the game starts off with just one pathway for you to explore in search of this Golden Gorilla—but if that's not enough chances at winning big hits for your buck, there are more pathways available too!

A Jaunt in the Jungle

You must find your way out of the jungle. In order to do so, you have access to a reel of five rows and three columns which offers about fifty pathways through surrounding vegetation as well as dinosaurs and other dangerous creatures that might be in there. You may send search parties down any number of available paths but beware – double-crossers are also present among them who might want to harm the woman you love.

Monkey with the Money

As you enter the jungle, always be wary because there are different varieties of ferocious beasts waiting to tear you apart. You can win prizes such as snake eggs at up to 100 coins and snakes that come looking for those eggs at 150 coins per egg spotted. There's also strange monkey skulls which can earn 200-250 coin rewards, depending on how many are found during one visit in this level! Additionally, if you can free your girlfriend, and thwart the plans of the traitor in your company (he sports a moustache), you’ll earn 250 point as you complete it.

If you're willing to risk the tigers and wild gorillas, there's a chance for some serious rewards. Save your search party from those beasts and they'll reward you with up to 500 coins! And if that isn't enough of an incentive, Wild Gorillas can expand across reels as well as substitute for other symbols making it easier than ever before to create more winning combinations – which means better wins!

Golden Gorillas on the reels will activate 15, 25 or 50 free games with bonus prizes of up to 25 times your total bet. If 3 Golden Gorillas appear during these free spins, they trigger a Super Round where Bonus Dinosaurs can give you huge payouts!

An Incredible Opportunity

This is a great opportunity to play and many options available. You can bet as little or much as you want from 1-50 lines, with each line being 0.01 -0.25 coins per spin. The minimum amount of money that one must put up for the game is only 0.01 while the maximum amount allowed during this slot machine's use is 12 credits, which may seem like a lot if not familiar with it but definitely worth trying out at least once!

Final Words

This action-packed slot machine features both real prizes and fun spins with flexible stakes. With loads of interesting characters, big payouts, and incredible adventures for hunters to explore – this is sure to be a gold mine!

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