Gold Bricks Slot

Gold Bricks Slots Review – (Rival)

Regardless of the fact that you have it in coins, bars and nuggets, the fact is that top valuables on earth has some similarities.

Gold Bricks Slots

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The precious metal is universally recognized as the symbol for status and wealth, and it has been available for centuries.

The Gold Bricks by Rival Gaming is a valuable commodity and the release was made in 2017. The machine is relatively simple, and there are no special features that can get the players surprised. Players that have been so much engrossed with gambling activities will as well be amazed about the slot actions.

The Golden Rule

This is one of the latest release by Rival Gaming. Just like what you might actually be expecting, the slot is designed with a golden color scheme. Bright yellow is the entire background and there are different shadings to get things together. The information to be displayed on the screen are not that much with this the gameplay was clean as much as possible.

The game is highly compatible with lots of devices which include Android devices, iPhone and there is no need to make any download. The choices of bet that you can make are numerous, and the coins and denomination can change from time to time.

All Classics

There are up to three paylines on this 3 reel slot. The main aim of the players should be to match the symbols on each of the lines so that they can have a better reward and cashout. When you are able to get symbols that are identical, your rewards will be greater.

Over the years, the appearance of the icons have been seen. Players will be able to earn small prizes with three bars or three sevens depending on the particular type. The characters that you can enjoy include watermelons, plums and cherries, and all of these can earn you great prizes.

Fat Stacks

The wild symbol is the most special symbol on the reels and it can get you greatly rewarded when it is part of the winning combination. The wild symbol can serve as a replacement for some other symbols and it can help you in completing winnings. You can get up to 400x of the amount invested.

Better than Fort Knox

For players that love simple, unique and rewarding slots, you are certain to enjoy this game. The theme is vibrant and there are lots of options that you can enjoy. Fortunately, there is a wild symbol that will increase the amount of payout that you can get. This game is what giving a try.