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Over time, TrustDice could maintain a legendary rank as the best in Crypto gaming, while it's been active in business since 2018. The question for thought here is how significant is TrustDice casino to other Bitcoin casinos or regular online casino venues? In this report, some of the aspects we examined are the freebie, features, banking, the positive and negative sides to using the casino.

The best way to describe TrustDice casino is uniqueness and leisure activity in a few words. As of the year, 2018 Crypto gaming had held unto its operations based on the blockchain to deliver a Curacao-authorized, BTC & crypto exclusive center for you and me. Stay tuned to this report on TrustDice as we review the website's new interface, game libraries, including the crypto choices & withdrawal processing times.

The TrustDice all-inclusive list covers more than 2000 game selections while putting down this report. You are most likely to see any products you have in mind while registering at TrustDice Casino.

The casino has 2 exclusive Bitcoin games, labeled as Bitcoin Dice and Bitcoin Crash better. Any Bitcoin game you must have seen, know for sure it's operated with Blockchain technology. This application indicates that such a game and the system are easily understandable and verifiably fair.

Therefore, we can get down to the full details of TrustDice casino, and an aim to establish if TrustDice Casino is good enough to try or contrary.

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Strong & Weak spots to using TrustDice casino

Strong spots:

  • Easy to use and new interface
  • Displays beyond 2000 game options at hand
  • Money making bonus reward
  • The call center services are reachable through email or real-time chat.

Weak spots:

  • The bonus specifies a playthrough requirement considered very high
  • There's nothing like self-ban tools
  • Only a few of the game titles are verifiably fair

How commendable is TrustDice Casino?

We'd be brief about this and straightforward as possible; we often commend TrustDice casino on different occasions. For now, let pass on the basic security and license information; we'd discuss this later. We discovered that TrustDice casino is an intriguing experience inside out and a good choice for crypto.

The digital currencies supported if we could mention the aspects that make TrustDice casino stand out, including the number of games and the standard of play boost (compared to other fellow contenders).

The casino interface is easy to use. Users can find their way around the menus like smooth sailing, notwithstanding the device used for access. The casino version on a home computer is a child's play and prompts to the mobile version. For sure, that's actually sending a message.

The Management in charge of TrustDice casino

Satoshi Gaming Group NV is absolutely in charge of TrustDice casino. Moreover, it functions on EOS Blockchain, keeping to transparency and reliance with member’s experience at the website; that's a relief indeed.

In our course of study on this casino check, our experts figured out several good comments on TrustDice casinos across different online communities. This further boosted our confidence that we are in for something special at TrustDice casino. The reality is we recommend TrustDice casino often. Next in line, we'd let you know the reason this is so.

The Background of TrustDice casino

We did some findings on how TrustDice appeared, also discussed the casino background up to this time. As we said, Satoshi Gaming Group NV. has rights to TrustDice casino and handles the activities therein. It commenced operations back in 2018. At this time, the firm keeps to a specific plan – preferably only – on Bitcoin services for banking.

For the casino to pay rapt attention to Bitcoin only has a great plus: safety. Quite different from other services for banking, transactions handled with cryptocurrency are very safe. The difference is clear.

The benefit to this is so apparent getting to know that you don't need to be anxious over your money again, whether it's safe or not. Just be at ease & make the best of fun with the games you have in mind.

When it comes to TrustDice casino services, the operator decides on a unique style. Also, it applies beyond the purple look of the straightforward user interface in a flash. The chat feature includes these components, though we'd discuss more on this aspect in due course.

In general, TrustDice tried and put rights of the similar casino background out of everyone's familiar style. Does TrustDice truly redeem payouts on any winnings? We'll get to know about this.

Would you like to see other casinos and go through reviews? Then, read our reviews of Bitcoin Casinos, and if what you have in mind is a couple of ETH casino sites, you can find everything here at our site.

Visual design and User interface: Ease of use and Player experience

Immediately you find your way through to TrustDice casino website, you'd be welcomed home with a surprise – though in a funny way. The interface is unique, innovative, and at its best. Indeed, its standout in competitiveness based on those factors.

TrustDice casino interface is as clear as day, purple; the concept is unusual. Without any doubt, any of the best choices you could think of are right there where they should, along with the sign-in/register and the compelling menu.

Try to find your preferred game titles, look into the sports fixtures or live games & examine TrustDice's prototypes in just a tap by the effective bar at the footer part of the casino.

As you are most likely to guess, usability is identified as an uppercase U, which stresses that you actually matter most.

As a result, the site equips with all essentials to effectively make the best of fun with the games, with no need to navigate a Bullshit set of controls and commands that direct you to play. In a nutshell, TrustDice came up with a kickass, effective, and unique interface, known to keep to the basics without compromising the design. Aces!

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The Game developer at TrustDice casino

Time and again, the developers that casinos agree to work with are factors in deciding whether a player can make such their new number one casino.

With TrustDice, the library is not the best mind-blowing we had come across; meanwhile, it's well delivered in its specialty.

Getting to see the high number of software developers at TrustDice casino, this did not shock us, as we already imagined this with the casino's 2,000 unique games to choose from. All the same, we feel content with the lists featured at the casino.

Starting with Pragmatic Play, then the best bets Evolution Gaming, Betsoft & EzugiPush Gaming, there is so much that can tickle your fancy at the casino. Unfortunately, we couldn't find products from Yggdrasil, not at all; moreover, this may be your choice.

One of the most exciting parts of this casino is a chance for players to try so many titles. Not just that, play free your preferred products. It's a wish to become a reality for anybody very new to the setting of Bitcoin casinos; this really inspires us so much. Meanwhile, the load of games can be somewhat frightening – with a search filter or none of this.

In the long run, what captivated our minds was the exclusive games; we’d discuss that now.

Popular games at TrustDice casino

As discussed earlier, about 2000 game titles are up for grabs at TrustDice Casino as of writing. The list is an optimal quantity. However, never let that make you frantic – you will not be able to access typical examples of complete and diverse games on the market.

Undoubtedly, partnering with these great developers that much, TrustDice also follows suit on that note. Game titles, for instance, Betsoft's Primal Hunt & Lucky Seven, also Pragmatic Play's Sweet Bonanza, are simply a couple of our best-loved online slot games to play. Sure, there's something behind it for such games to pop up at this casino.

However, rather than comment on the so-called competitors, we'd have a peep at the casino's new and unusual titles. Input “Dice” & “Crash. The exclusive options have far better from their ignorant fellows; they are the verifiably fair games. Particularly if you deal with Bitcoin casinos, it's a big favor.

The game titles are not so strange when split up a little at a time, only have a specially-designed game style, and two is incredibly a wonder with this generation.

Sign-up Bonus – For first-timers

The sign-up bonus at TrustDice casino is a whopping bitcoin bonus (100% worth Ƀ3/150ETH/30,000$) credited on top of a player's initial deposit. In addition, is 25 bonus Spins, which, mainly maybe transactions, is a magnetic offer to our best of knowledge.

Ƀ0.001 is the lowest amount to deposit; that's very common, but don't allow this to discourage you from taking advantage of the freebie. A giveaway is appreciable of speeding up your money to play or a simple way to try games, not under pressure. Neither have to risk losing your hard-earned money, as you need to convert the bonus before it's real money.

The bonus is the usual routine for many casino websites, spread to three deposit “stages,” identified at TrustDice. It implies that you can expect 100%, 75% & 50% bonus added to Ƀ1 each for every money paid to the account, piling up the above-stated 3 altogether. It’s only the initial deposit that qualifies you for the bonus spins, take note.

Though the accrued bonus is noting so special across the sector. We admire that it's only assigned for those that use digital currencies, not having turned away other players; that's what some casinos can mimic.

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Following the tournament pattern, the casino allows for all manner of competitions determined by the season. The tournament store at TrustDice casino at the time of writing is Pragmatic Play contests: Book of Fallen.

The league, as an illustration, starts from 25th November to 2nd December (UTC) 2021 & anything outside the time range, you'll not be able to access the tournament. So maybe you couldn't partake of this, never mind – expect a different one to replace.

This tournament store is that massive with which participants can earn their quota of €25000! With just €0,50 as the lowest bet amount, you'd be able to participate and have a shot. Furthermore, expect to receive 10 bonus spins to run the game in advance; we came to realize it's a good example. The other leagues are in such a way, ascertain to confirm time after time.

No-Risk gamble on Sports

If you're a fan of sports, hear this – it's a choice to consider. The rule here goes thus: “Perhaps you arrived at losses, the casino is on your side. And maybe it's a winning, you have to save your winnings.”. In short, the illustration is that no matter the situation you find yourself in, TrustDice has got you covered.

How it works with the Sports No-Risk wager

Browse through to the sports segment, then select a sports fixture with odds not less than 1.60 – keep on with the bet.

If you lose, just feel at ease; the casino gives your bet in return as a bonus bet for another chance. It is as easy as that, at the same time drop-dead from our records. Actually, it's not that the sports fixture has so much on it like that; meanwhile, it encourages multiplayer if that matters to you.


The casino presents itself to the public absolutely as a cryptocurrency casino that accepts many of the online coins below;

  • Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, TRX, BTC, Dogecoin

Withdrawal processing time

  • As to Bitcoin – 0.002
  • As to Ethereum – 0.04
  • For Litecoin – 0.1
  • For Bitcoin cash – 0.02
  • For Dogecoin – 2,000
  • For Tron – 200


Our review experts tried TrustDice casino on various platforms, Android, and apple brands, likewise the actual desktop (on this, it's a Windows OS computer). We felt so delighted to say that any device was put to the test with function as planned; in fact, we couldn't experience any serious issues.

Bullshit! The site has yet to design a software application for Apple/Android, implying you can generally access the entertainment on a mobile casino website. However, it performs appealingly, also is not something to be only a reduced format of the computer version of the casino.

In short, players can see all UI features in the exact positioning they are, meant to be on your mobile device. Can it be that a specially designed software application can improve the quality? As we know, how it operates currently is probably well appropriate to play slot games or live casinos.

The allowed Language options at TrustDice casino

TrustDice serves the foreign sector, also currently allow the below language options:

  • Russian, Japanese, Turkish, Korean, French, English, Spanish, Chinese.

Blocked locations

Some locations can't have access because a casino bears a license (be it Curacao or Malta Gaming Authority, for instance, with TrustDice casino). Such locations are as follows;

  • Switzerland, The Dutch Caribbean Islands, Singapore, USA, Netherlands, China, France, Spain.

The control and safety protocols

As you had known earlier, the casino operates with the Curacao license in demand – it's no longer new. How far about the safety aspect?

With introducing a highly developed “Secure Socket Layer” coding technology to keep safe members and the site generally, TrustDice casino indeed is trustable even from its caption. Whatsoever information you must have disclosed to the casino (for safety reasons) is secured on the casino network and kept safe via the current firewall system on the market.

Check through your account in real casino modern style; with these details, password, and your identity, then make a choice to while your sign-up at this casino.

In addition, subscribers here have the opportunity to reset a 2FA control to strengthen the security of the account the more. In our opinion, as the measures for protection are increased, the more favorable it is.

Technical Support

You can contact the call center service at TrustDice casino through live chat, email ahead of time. Lamentably, we noticed a phone contact to reach out to the casino is missing, no matter is the case.

Therefore, maybe you prefer to directly talk on the phone with these staff, it's so unfortunate. It does not imply the service representatives are not up to the task, just the reverse. While carrying out a test on TrustDice technical assistant service, we got in touch with these agents through live chats & had a response (critical thinking, for that matter!) in just 2 mins.

Most of the time, we had that it requires about 5 mins or so to connect with the experienced customer service Reps, of a reason we give a big hand to this. Intercom handles the live chat while it's effective and user-friendly.

We were not made compulsory to sign in before this service can be active; that's very stimulating if you were banned from the account no matter the cause.

The representatives quickly reply and give answers to issues at hand in the blink of an eye; therefore, they are too good to be recommended.


Doubtless, TrustDice casino sounds like a good idea and has many advantages. It gripped our mind to know more about it, no doubt about that.

The casino still has a few features that need some things to adjust. However, it's just a trivial case that the casino will find difficult to put right to our perspective.

The website is new and looks uncluttered to browse through, prompt with a stunning User interface that runs well. The customer service agents actually amazed us; the money value of the bonus you can have as a member here is mind-blowing.

As for the Games aspect of the casino, we appreciate the exclusive casino games. Convincingly enough, they have a distinction on the overall gameplay; by this, we strongly suggest you have a shot at TrustDice casino.

You have so much to admire as a 100% cryptocurrency casino at this venue. We consider TrustDice casino in the list of top Bitcoin casino sites on the market, mainly because of its massive deposit bonus.

What's hot about TrustDice casino

  • Claim as much as 3 Bitcoin in bonus money (not capable of being locked)
  • Released in 3 payments
  • Bonus spins, Bonus Bitcoin supply
  • Satoshi circle loyalty scheme – 20% discount

TrustDice casino is accessible for play in the United Kingdom

Playthrough terms: 40x

Frequently Asked Questions about TrustDice casino

  • What's TrustDice?

TrustDice casino is a good game center with verifiably fair games. It's mainly for those interested in using cryptocurrency. The casino prioritizes mobile, making it the most suitable for mobile gaming.

The professionals here are geniuses in visuals of various specialties, including website design and others. They're both fanatics of bets activities and cryptocurrency, looking forward to delivering all at once the most pleasant aspect of both niches.

  • Is it possible to modify my server source?

Why not? It is. If you intend to modify this, check the page for verifiably fairness at the website, then tap “create fresh Server source.”

As another option, you can possibly input your Bet identity; after that, look for the “Change” control beside the document for the server source. Perhaps you have issues, get in touch with the assistant service representatives.

  • How to cash out money from your account with TrustDice casino?

Start the request by gaining access to your dashboard, then tap the “Withdraw” Icon. Below this segment, confirm the remaining money in your account with the charges to process it at the requested time.

Then you can tap the “wallet icon” or proceed straight to choose the cryptocurrency you'd like to cash out. Follow the directions on display to complete the request.

  • What makes withdrawals require much time?

Since the casino enquires into any withdrawal request by themselves for safety purposes. Before you can fast-track the process, the agents operate around the clock in a year to try and complete the requests immediately.

Meanwhile, as a result of unexpected conditions, it may require more time than necessary. In cases like this, it can require 8 hrs.; also, in an unusual situation, it's just a few days before a member can have the money.

  • Is the deposit address in use for all time?

Not at all. Due to safety reasons, for each payment, TrustDice casino brings up an unrepeated address. The address is still correct for use for up to a day. After the day runs out, you just have to get through your account, then tap the Deposit icon again to get a valid deposit address.

  • Does the casino specify the highest bet value or maximum wins for each bet?

Yes, but it differs from digital currency. If it's BTC, the highest bet amount is 20 Bitcoin, while the highest wins are 2 Bitcoin. If it's ETH, the highest bet amount is 200 Ethereum and the max. Winning is 50 Ethereum.

If it's LTC, the Maximum bet amount is 40 Litecoin, with the highest wins being 100 Litecoin. The highest wager amount is 20 Bitcoin Cash, with the max of BCH. Win as 2 Bitcoin Cash. The highest bet amount is 2M, while the maximum winning is 500,000 Dogecoin if it's DOGE. Lastly, if it's Tron, the Maximum bet amount is 200,000 TRX & the highest win amount is 20,000 TRX.

  • Is there a way to relate something wrong in case of any?

Yes. Suppose you find anything doubtful on the website or see something wrong with the address. In that case, you can relate this to technical support.

  • What's the house advantage for TrustDice casino?

1% is the house advantage considered for the casino. Look over the entire information thoroughly; proceed to the verifiably fair control that enables you to go through and check each bet.

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