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An interesting slot game review designed by Rival developer, titled Robin Hood, features 5 reels, 20 pay-line, with Robin Hood as the wild symbol with his soul ever resides & flourish in Sherwood Bushland in which players can take advantage to break into the wealthy's vault, offer them to the less Privilege & bet limit from €0.01 to €100

Robin Hood slot set an adventure in which players can take advantage to break into the wealthy's vault & offer them to the less Privilege. However, you can withhold some for your reserve.

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Robin Hood plays through a story-line of transferring wealth, features five reels, three rows & twenty pay-line. You don't have to get frightened to head into Sherwood Bushland Robin Hood, together with its squad of happy team dedicates excellent effort to arrive at success. At the same time, they wage war & focus on the securities conveying the precious items, treasures on behalf of their boss.

Robin Hood's soul ever resides & flourish in Sherwood Bushland while he shows favor to anyone that sought after him. Robin slot pays tribute to heroic bowman together with its team of miscreants that changes the position of game reels to satisfy plays fun-wise.

NetEnt is the brain behind this beautiful slot adventure that maximizes the classic story-line of Robin Hood along with its team of a happy team & get away with a fantastic impression.

Robin right slot is a 3Dimensional video slot which arouses & energizes to Sherwood Bushland. Likewise, it attracts gamesters to an online realm at which Robin Hood, together with its happy team, engages in a battle to justify equity.

At the same time, they steal from the wealthy & offer the valuables to the wretched masses. The story-line kicks out through the intense film like preface videotape.

Symbols Overview

The securities move unhurriedly across the Bushland, with stolen valuables. Within a twinkling of an eye, Robin hood appears out of the forest, with weapons set in his hands to shoot adversaries. This character then focusses its fight mission & kills any of its aims.

The house girl Marion proceeds out of a tree, holding one of the securities to a strongbox overwhelmed with gold. Ever, small John makes room & assists Robin Hood to continue with the booty out of their attack.

Monastic Tuck lifts his cocktail as a form of merry while Robin Hood throws up, distribute gold amidst inhabitants of the rural areas with joy-filled in their hearts. During the base game, the game reels change position, takes into account rustling over the plantations, vegetation move with the breeze, & dropping vanishes twist towards frames & reels.

A brief of Robin Hood adventure & Role of Characters

While the significant symbols descend over the reels, they as well turn up through the icons to bring to remembrance to players their responsibility. Every character starting with house girl Mairob displaying her arms abilities while she flings two swords about, then the small John, which held the securities on their neck & making known to him he is supreme.

The reels change position to unfold Robin Hood from the Bushland with the newest booty every moment cash boxes get actualized. After that, Robin Hood gets below to position the cash boxes to its storage underneath the reels.

Each time four cash boxes get obtained, his game reels changes position & gamers get enticed with Robin Hood to Sherwood bushland while he flips up his body muscles & runs through direction along with the city.


Robin good features twenty non-adjustable pay-line stakes along with one to ten bet sizes & separate coin denomination. This game paytable influences every prize & winning combo. The stake level refers to coins bet quantity for each stake pay-line.

Winnings on a bet pay-line with coins equal to the amount displayed through the Paytable magnified with the bet level. Stakes Pay-line winnings with currency commensurate to payouts in coins magnified with coin denominations.

Bet Range

You'll get to enjoy less & more volatile state of this slot & awesome if you're in search of bonus spins alongside multiplying winning coefficients. The bet range covers every player level as it features 1-10 Default stake sizes & separate coin denomination varying from: (€) 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50.

The automatic minimum/maximum stakes are (€) 0.20/100. By no doubt, if you enjoy placing huge bets, you'll admire this slot of maximum bet amount set at €100.


Robin Hood / Wild symbol

The wild characters get represented as the main Robin, & also feature additional Wild icon during bonus Spins.

Following every stakes pay-line, this reel changes position towards the right side, & new spin substitutes the reel at extreme left. The reels position changes persist so far new stakes pay-line winnings exists.

While the new winnings stop, his game reels then no longer change position. Players can get their payouts magnified during the base game & bonus spins while the Multiplying winning multiplier increment.

Cash boxes & Payouts

As Robin Hood exhibits a very kind & good nature, likewise covet for gold also. This cash box turns on bonus spins, that can further generate massive payouts.

During the base game, every single reel holds cash boxes designated as Scatter icon & jewel strongbox underneath. Each time cash boxes descends over any reel, it gets shifted to one part on a mission to unfold Robin Hood getting away with boxes of wealth & positioning it to the strongbox underneath this game reels.

Subsequently, with the winnings, then reels changes position. At the same time, cash boxes transform into the normal wild character, which enables the Privilege of gamers to gain extra wild winnings in regards to the present shift multiplying coefficient.

Bonus Spins

Assist the cheerful teams of miscreants in escaping with the precious stuff, during the base game; you'll come across a single chest beneath every single reel. Cash boxes come into view at random over this game reels & get included to the similar chest underneath this game reel. Four cash boxes inside just one strongbox reward ten bonus Spins.

While the bonus spins feature kicks off, players can have access to over a single chest overwhelmed with four cash boxes. Every single additional chest reward ten bonus spins.

Also, at this stage, any of the major symbols gets chosen at random while additional wild characters replaced the whole icons, excluding bonus spins character.

The gathered cash boxes yet to utilize, then gets reserved in the coming times spanning through, while bonus spins icons trigger additional free spins.

Musical backgrounds

The game adopts loud, impressive tunes.

Mobile Access

Robin Hood provides an incredible mobile format & brings forth exact encounter as it's obtainable through computers. Besides, the user interface gets proficiently adjusted to suit displays of handheld devices.

These spinning reels become invincible out of sight file. The reel is active. The configurations & features get sorted to a distinct branch off-menu.

Regardless of any device you use to access, be it apple, android products, Rise of Maya runs smoothly & perfectly.

Fairness & Safety

NetEnt includes one of the foremost software developers in the gaming industry all through the universe. Players gain a high level of trust with every software developed by NetEnt & get endorsed, accredited under the authority of private licensing agencies, which ascertains that the software's are verifiably even-handed & function the way it's publicized/marketed.


Robin good is a fantastic slot game to try out; you'll never regret sparing your time playing the game.