Online Slots Guide

Slots GuideBefore hitting the slot machine, it's wise for budding slots players to become familiar with the important slots terms that will help them ultimately master the game. We've compiled some of the most crucial slots terms that every slots player should know. These terms are relevant for the vast majority of slot machines you're likely to come across, and haven't changes much throughout the slots history.


Payoff Display:

When you hit a particular sequence of slot symbols, the payoff display lets you know the number of coins you've won. Although today's slot machines feature a wide array of symbols, the payoff display does the dirty work for you, so you don't have to worry about getting confused by the wealth of slot symbols and their various combinations. Each slots combination indicated on the pay line automatically registers as corresponding with a specific payoff.

Coin Play Maximum:

The slot machine's display panel indicates the maximum number of coins can be played on the machine. Although the maximum coin play for slots differs for each machine, more common limits are two, three and five coins, with three coins being the most common coin play maximum. Although there are slot machines which accept up to eight coins, the staff has found these to be a rare find, indeed.

Coin Play Values:

Most slots offer coin play values varying between 5 cents and $100. There are even a number of high roller casinos, which boast coin play values of up to $500 on their slot machines. Nickel and quarter slots can be fun to play, and will be less likely to burn a hole in your pocket. The intensity begins to mount with fifty cent and dollar slots, although they give you a chance at winning a more substantial slot jackpot. Fiver slot machines require discretion; however, slots players who succeed in pulling themselves away after hitting a win might come out ahead. The gang at recommends extreme caution when dealing with higher coin play values. Only weathered slots players, having a good deal of disposable income should even come near the higher value slot machines. This probably explains why the most popular slots games offer coin play values ranging between 5 cents and $5.

Pay Line:

A typical slot machine features only a single pay line. Slot symbols falling on the center pay line only are counted toward a win. Slot machines with only one pay line will generally accept between 3 and 5 coins.

Aside from standard one-line slots, three-line slot machines allow slot symbols to be arranged across the three lines to qualify a winning combination. Although a rare occurrence, three line slots make it possible for slots players to hit entire winning combinations on more than one line, in which case, they get paid off for each winning line. The staff advises slots players using machines with three pay lines to play with three coins. The first coin covers the middle pay line, the second covers both top and middle pay lines and the third coin covers all three.

The rarest slot machine is the five-liner slots, which feature three pay lines similar to the previous version, in addition to two diagonal pay lines, contributing to the grand total of five pay lines. Here too, slots players ought to insert the maximum of five coins, following the same rationale as was outlined for the three-liner slot machine.

Slot Reels:

The majority of slot machines are three reelers, but some novelty slot machines feature various other numbers of reels, typically two or four slot reels. The affectionately termed “Big Bertha” slots generally have at least three slot reels, but some boast several reels. Though the Big Berthas generally take as much as three dollars, they're not as grand as they seem. Another new novelty slot feature to pop up in recent times is the single line diamond pay out, which requires that the necessary slot symbols roll out in a diamond formation.

Slot Symbols:

Although there are heaps and heaps of slot symbols, they all carry many varieties of slots odds.. Although there are just too many slots symbols to describe each one, some interesting symbols beg our attention. First of all, there are wild slot symbols, which can take the place of any other symbol when it rolls out on the correct line. Other slots symbols multiply slots payout by two, three or even five. Casinos will also sometimes create their own custom-made slots symbols, which promise huge jackpot prizes. Before you run around town looking for these special customized symbols, however, just know that coming across them is a rare occurrence indeed.

Many slots players feel that the symbols featured in a given slots game contributes to the overall quality of play. That's why many casinos put effort into the variety of symbols offered on their slots games. Slot symbols not faring so well among casino patrons will likely be switched with hopefully more popular symbols. After all variety is the spice of life, and this applies to slots as well.

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