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Love and Money Slot

Love and Money Slot

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Review of an exciting slot game designed by Rival gaming developer, titled For Love and Money slot, features 15 pay-lines winning ways, a relationship-driven slot machine of a male & female partner having an affair, alongside a author about to come up with a love story; with the Wild symbol represented as Author offering payouts worth 10,000 shekels, with five of it in view can deliver a worth of 5,000x the wager amount & Coins amount ranging from 0.01 – 1.0


Back in yesteryears with the conception that a male & female partner might have an affair for affection, cash, or either, that drives the relationship is quite similar to the long-aged/history of the world on its own. Meaning it has long been in existence, traced back to the earliest century & at present, the reality of this is possible with this entertaining fun-size slot machine titled For Love & Money Slot machine.

Right there beneath an evergreen plantation, players of this slot will come across a Wild character tagged as an “Author” that could have a sensation to disliked himself. Besides, he concluded that perhaps an approach to get a genuine love is to put down & publish a trendy book on this matter of concern. To that effect, a layman can offer an opinion about how all manner of his romantic tales transpires.

Basis for Play

Before you begin to work out your personal original Love & Money tales, simply select the amount of money you desire spinning. Likewise, you aspire to obtain through every single line-wager magnifying the jackpots in view.

You can initiate this while you simply select your expected counts of 15 Win-lines to wager; after that, kindly assign a corresponding coin-wager from a range of 1 – 5 coins over the whole selected pay-lines. Lastly, give every of the chosen coins an amount from 0.01 – 1.0.

Theme & How to Win

This slot theme centers on a good-looking pretty damsel searching for an affair while she roams about the premises & the Author keeps on with his tales write-up. This Author earlier forms up several hooligans who are eager to abduct this love-roaming female lady & pay for her release.

However, the Author & align an adventurous well-groomed, the assaulted legend that can liberate this girl. The manner at which this tale transpires absolutely depends on the player running the game. It's possible to assist the rescuer while you align the legend symbols across this slot reels, during which you can as well assist this same character by putting in order the hooligans.

Once you can successfully help this rescuer, a reward worth a range of 400 times the your wager awaits you. However, it's also possible to earn good enough for 1,000 times the wager amount on a pay-line in return to imprisoning these hooligans (a character that appears just as it's smashed of some boxings/attacks beforehand).

You can also earn an amount worth 200 times the wager amount in return to imprisoning this dwarf rescuer of his by 2 jewels.

Besides, there are pint-sized jackpots amount to go for as a return to form red ornaments, nightlights & goodies that might be possibly the rescuer to ask in marriage the good-looking pretty damsel bizarrely story's slot machine.

Delightful Payouts | Cheerful Closures

Honestly, we can't really assure that love tales can eventually result delightfully; there are two sides to it. However, some features can undoubtedly make your slot machine round a cheerful closure, & are nothing more than the Author representing the Wild & Dating Agencies.

The Wild Symbol | Author

Quite similar to a great author, this can substitute whichever of the symbols at its discretion. Each time this is in place, it can allow for more notably rewarding combinations in return, & magnify the jackpot amount in twofold each time this act takes place.

If you can appear the whole 5 characters over this slot Win-line, you can obtain a considerable amount worth 5,000 times the wager amount on the pay-line.

Besides, it's possible to observe these Dating agencies as they withdraw their Cupid's bows & target towards obtaining a reward worth a massive range of 10 bonus Spins accompanied by a jackpot amount magnified in threefold. Also, 100x the players overall wager amounts each time you can appear 5 of these Cherubs characters.

Conclusion | For Love or Money

We can really say this For Love, and the Money slot machine includes our best-loved choices ever developed by Rival Gaming. However, the reward aspect is indeed significant & uses a few favorites for slot machines once you can take advantage of the free play worthwhile Dating agencies & the Wild Author.

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