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Fantasy Fortune Slot | Rival Gaming

Are you an admirer of a mystical imagination & an opportunity to win a large amount of money? Yes, this is an opportunity to bring this to reality while you dive into a wide-ranging unique dimension prepared in this Fantasy Fortune. From all appearances, this slot indeed is a mystical slot game brought about by Rival Gaming.

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This superb slot machine uncovers a specialty of Fantasy Affluence, players have to make a selection of their playfellows with all caution, since a few of the symbols strive hard towards the brilliant Magician, a character that's undoubtedly, almost a reproduction of Gandalf. Also, a few faces their struggle towards the dark Nobleman & while you select incorrectly, this can lead to significant losses & cause the loss beyond the deal initially planned.

The symbols arranged for in this slot encompasses a good-looking Blue Female-Occultists with the potential to bring about blaze outburst proceeding out of her barehand, during which a greyish brownie can as well look lasciviously towards a single reel turns of higher than.

Indeed, you can give an attempt to get the better of this wild symbols tagged as “unicorns.” Set free the pretty duchesses out of their castle openings, or raise up a confrontation against any of the Nobleman with Black, Red, or White color.

Our experts do not assure you of these entire symbols or whichever of them to work in your favor or profit you. However, while you can align three to five of these characters over the provided 20 Win-lines, you can definitely hope to claim jackpots worth 400 times of the wager amount assigned on the pay-line.

Quest After Your Treasure

Let's say you're on an aim to seek imaginary treasures; on that occasion, you can't avoid discovering any from the 4 mystical-driven characters considered to be Wild Dragon, Clever Male-Occultists, Prizes Stronghold, Scatter symbol “Giveaway Door.”

Bring into view 5 of this Prizes Stronghold, then this can cause you to acquire the Pot reward that's worth 50,000 coins, during which three & four of the Stronghold can deliver a reward worth 2,500 & 10,000 credits accordingly.

Howbeit, let's say you can discover three or higher of this Scatter “Giveaway Doors,” then you're with no other choice than to go up against the threat with the frightening Nobleman of dark color.

Ensure to select a door meticulously, since it can bring a little amount of money to some extent. As an alternative, you may appear this Dark-colored Nobleman that can kill the player involved and his/her imagination for freebies offer immediately.


Clever Male-Occultists

This symbol gets immediately identifiable with its apparel in purple-colored mantle & hat. Also, this character lays claims of an enchanted truncheon that, in its discretion, can employ to deliver a reward of the overall-wager value magnifying payouts & bonus Spins play-attachments.

While you can discover 5 of the Male occultist's characters, this act can land you into the highest jackpot amount worth 25 times the overall-wager value. Likewise, 10 bonus spins whereby the entire jackpots won gets rewarded in threesomes of the usual amount.

The Wild Symbols | Dragons

These monsters are so glaring due to their dry greenish body flesh, huge eyes, & more so wider teeth. However, never become frightened each time you come across these fiery creatures since they can award you a whopping amount for a successful challenge.

Being an exclusive wild character, it has the potential to set on fire the remaining image-signs forming up a burnout ahead of taking their place or substitution. These characters can also bring this to play each time they come into view over this slot reels & have the potentials to turn-up a rewarding combination in return.

Nevertheless, while you can bring into view the entire 5 dragon symbols in one accord, in fact, that's when you'll really feel the big-heartedly of these fiery creatures offering a winning amount worth 5,000 times the overall wager value on the pay-line.

Bet Limit | Far from Imagination

Among the most remarkable attachments in this particular slot machine is that players can play out the variable reels as low as 0.01 coins. Similarly, it turns out for only 0.2 credits covering the whole 20 pay-lines. Nevertheless, to players aspiring to gather up a life-changing payout they can try their luck staking to the highest limit of 50 coins for each rolled reels in play.


From our perspective so far, aside from the fact that this Fantasy Fortune slot game is an enjoyable brand, it feels so excellent due to its opportunities to earn a tremendous amount of money.

Without any doubt, Rival gaming indeed is good enough with this Fantasy Fortune slot. The game features so many great symbols, including the regular Wild, Scatter symbols, and freebies.

The whole of these separately contributes their fascinating measure.Ssimply set in your creativity & hope for some whopping amount of money in return. Fantasy Fortune slot is accessible for a test in its Demo version for those interested to play before staking their hard-earned money.

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