Deciding Who Should be your Online Casino

Where to play?
You have found a site that matches your requirements; you have found the game that you wanted to play. Since you’re already thinking about the reward, you’re tempted to start betting right away. However, the shrewd gambler approaches the gambling experience with a plan, and sticks to it. You should envision a structured approach where you ask a set of questions from a list. Whenever you come up with an additional relevant question, add it to your list. Here is an example of a “casino integrity guide”. As a rule, it’s never a good idea to give your credit card before checking off this basic list.

Using your checklist, you will find that there are a number of reputable casinos on the net where you can do business. But which one to choose? At this stage this is mostly a matter of personal taste. Most casinos are targeted at a specific audience, so you will not find this decision tough to make.

Most of the time your decision will be based on a specific feature they offer or lack. Do they require a broadband connection? a fast computer? do they have graphics that utilize your broadband connection? and so forth.

Sometimes you will be looking for a specific game, like European roulette or one deck Blackjack… You may want to use your NETELLER account, or you may want to set-up a social game where you can chat with other players.

Large online casinos may have a nearly endless selection of games to choose from: Classic games that are available in traditional casinos such as Roulette, Craps, Blackjack, Poker and slot machines. And also more exotic variations, for the special rules of progressive roulette

Once in a while there is a chance of getting stuck with a no name brand casino that uses their own software. We advise you to avoid this potential headache and stick with the recognized houses that use licensed software from either Cryptologic, Playtech, or Microgaming.

In addition, you should consider if you must download any part of the software to your PC. This can be especially important if you are running an operating system other than Windows or if you are using WebTV.

Additional information
Out of all the reasons for joining a particular casino, you will more than likely be tilted by the promotions they offer. This goes without saying, but pay particular attention to the amount of the bonus they offer, and how much money is necessary to receive this bonus. Some casinos occasionally offer other types of promotions and the conditions under which you can withdraw the bonus vary from time to time.