Play Using the Apple Casino

The use of Apple Mac computers (Apple Macintosh) is becoming increasingly popular, as is the preference for using Linux operating systems instead of Windows. Neither Macs nor Linux operating systems can download online casinos. In this article, we explain how both Mac and Linux users can play online casino and poker games.

It has been mentioned in our “System Requirements” and ” Casino Software-Flash/Download Version Debate” articles that not all online casinos offer games for Mac computer and Linux operating system users. Until now, the hegemony of Microsoft proved to be almost absolute, leading operators to create game platforms compatible only with Windows.

The growth of the online gambling industry has necessitated the creation of “No Download” casino and poker room versions. These versions use Macromedia Flash and Java technologies that allow players to connect directly to online casino servers and play without the need of a casino download.

The “No Download” option also means players can log in from any computer. They are not limited to playing on the PC to which the online casino was downloaded. Once an account has been opened and the online casino installed, members can use their existing username and password to play flash games remotely.

Today, many online casinos and poker rooms offer both “Download” and “No Download” gaming options. This allows Apple Mac owners and Linux users to install Java or Flash plug-ins and play.

Despite this possibility, online casino flash game options remain much more limited. With regard to online casinos, flash versions of popular games do not have options like multiplayer gaming or live chat. Similarly, flash online poker games do not allow for participation in tournament play.

While a few online poker rooms are creating downloadable gaming platforms compatible with Apple Macintosh computers, these represent only isolated cases. Online casinos that offer downloadable and Mac compatible software do not yet exist. Until such time as they do, Mac and Linux users will simply have to be satisfied playing Flash games.

Here at, Mac and Linux users can enjoy online gaming via our special flash casino games version.