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PayPal – A Well-Known E-Wallet Great for Digital Gambling

PayPal is perhaps the most popular e-wallet in the digital world. It has become so insanely mainstream that many major retailers have it listed as a primary payment option. In fact, many indie stores ONLY use PayPal to send and receive funds. PayPal isn’t just another e- wallet. They have a plethora of unique features and fantastic traits that make them reliable for anyone, but especially for digital gamblers. Today, we will take a look at PayPal and figure out why it is such a great service to use if you plan on visiting any online casinos.

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What is PayPal?

PayPal is one of the biggest names in online payment and e-wallet services. The company was founded in 1998 in Palo Alto, California. A US company, PayPal was created as an electronic alternative to traditional paper financial transfers, and has evolved into so much more.

Now, PayPal is used globally and is worth a fair amount of money. This wealth and success are mirrored in their amenities and services! PayPal has big names behind it. One of the founders, Elon Musk, is known for his forward and inventive thinking. This type of ideology is apparent in PayPal and really sets the service far ahead of other digital financial services.

PayPal and Online Casinos: The Basics

PayPal is a fantastic service for shop owners and digital shoppers, but how does it stand up in the digital casino world? After all, if you are going to spend your time researching and signing up for a reputable online casino, you want to be certain you aren’t hindered by your choice in funding service. Well, luckily that is not a worry with PayPal.

PayPal can create a safe way for you to transfer your funds from your bank account to a digital Casino to help you enjoy your digital stay without worrying about who has access to your bank information and what is being done with that info. There are so many reasons that an online gambler should love PayPal. Here are a few:

  • PayPal can secure multiple bank accounts and card info in one safe spot
  • PayPal will allow you to both deposit and withdraw funds, which other payment options may not
  • PayPal has world-class customer service and security
  • Some casinos may offer rewards based on this payment option
  • There are a large number of casinos that allow you to use PayPal
  • PayPal is free to use and easy to navigate

PayPal and Online Casinos: How to Deposit Funds

Find an Online Casino that Allows PayPal

All online casinos have different rules and regulations. Though PayPal is a great option for making deposits and withdrawals, as they allow both options, you first need to ensure that the casino will allow the use of e-wallets in their cashier system. This information can be found in a casino’s terms of service, or by finding the deposit page and seeing if the option is available in the drop-down list.

Set up your account with PayPal

Once you know the casino of your choice will allow the use of PayPal, it is time to set up a PayPal account. If you already have an account, feel free to skip to the next step. If not, here is how to set up a PayPal account

  • Go to PayPal’s official website or their official app
  • Click ‘Sign up for free’ or, if you are on the app, ‘sign up’
  • Fill out all the required information on the sign-up page, which will include an accessible email and your funding account info (credit card, bank account, etc.)
  • Confirm your information through email
  • Ensure that you have the bank account you want to use at the online casino in your PayPal account

Find the deposit information page at the Casino

You will need to navigate to the deposit info page, or digital cashier, of the casino of your choice. The location of this page will vary from site to site.

Choose your PayPal account

As long as you have made certain that the casino you are using accepts PayPal, you should easily be able to choose PayPal as your funding choice. Once you have selected PayPal, new entry fields should populate.

Provide your PayPal account information and deposit amount

You will need to provide the casino with your PayPal account information. This will be the email associated with your account as well as the personal information. You will also need to let the casino know how much you want to deposit, keeping in mind that each casino may have a policy on minimum deposit amounts. To avoid issues later on, always double check you have typed the correct amount in this field.

Redirect to the casino if necessary

Once you have entered your information and selected ‘Submit,” you will likely be redirected to a secondary confirmation page on PayPal’s website. If you are, fill in all appropriate information and submit. Once this is finished you should be able to go back to the casino you started at and find the funds available in your casino account wallet.

PayPal and Online Casinos: How to Withdraw Funds

Navigate to the Casino’s Withdrawal page

This may be located in the same place as the deposit information, or it might be its own page. Either way, there should be plain navigation to this on any reputable casino’s websites. You can also find this page through the casino’s Site Map and FAQ.

Choose PayPal in the transfer drop down

The withdrawal page will want you to inform them of where the money is going. Here, you will want to choose PayPal as the destination. Assuming that you have already checked that the casino accepts PayPal, you shouldn’t have any issues finding PayPal in the list of options.

Fill in additional information

The casino might ask you for additional confirmation info. If this is the case, fill it in completely and accurately. You also need to input the amount of the withdraw in the appropriate field. Each casino might have a minimum for withdrawals, this information will be available on each casino’s website. Once you have all your info in place, choose ‘submit.’

Wait for the money to transfer to your PayPal account

PayPal has some of the fastest transfer times available in the digital/ e-wallet world. Note; however, that if you are located in the United States or Canada, you will not be allowed to withdraw winnings to PayPal due to the Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act.

Safety and Security

PayPal is a seasoned business that has seen its fair share of bumps in the road. This means that their security game has been tweaked and enhanced over time to create the strongest possible level of protection for their customers.

PayPal’s website lists some of their security credentials and states “we monitor every transaction 24/7 to help prevent against fraud, email phishing and identity theft. Every transaction is heavily guarded behind our next-level encryption. If something seems suspicious, our dedicated team of security specialists is immediately on it to help protect you from fraudulent transactions.”

This means that you can use PayPal with the confidence that your private data and financial information is safe and secure.

888casino Paypal

PayPal Customer Support

As we’ve mentioned, PayPal is a huge company. Their size can help you feel naturally comfortable with their security features and overall usage, but it should also help inform you about their outstanding customer service. Sometimes, large companies will skimp on good customer service because they know you don’t have a lot of options outside of their services.

PayPal is different. Whether you think anyone truly competes or not, PayPal always ensures that their customers are treating with respect and given access to high-quality, thorough customer service.

PayPal offers the ability to send a digital help message to their team, which has a quick response turnaround, or to call their helpline. Though not 24/7 the running hours for their customer support is very lengthy and does run on the weekends as well. If you are trying to contact them outside of phone hours, it is suggested to send a message via the help portal so you can be contact as soon as a representative is available.

Pros of using PayPal for Online Gambling

PayPal’s service is free

PayPal is a giant in the world of digital commerce and e-wallet financial services, but their service is still free.

PayPal is safe

PayPal is no stranger to the e-commerce world and the digital criminals that traipse around through it. That is why they focus so heavily and digital safety and multilevel encryption.

Fast deposits

Depositing funds with PayPal is extremely fast – nearly instantaneous. These changes also reflect in your account balances through the bank or credit card account very quickly.

Currency Conversion is automatically applied

PayPal conveniently converts all foreign currency for you at the current exchange rate. What is more, is that you can opt out of that service if you so choose!

Fantastic mobile app

Like many e-wallets, PayPal has a mobile app. What sets them apart is the app is extremely well designed, is constantly updated against bugs, and is convenient to use. The application has its own set of security features as well, which ensures a lost phone does not equal financial demise!

Cons of Using PayPal for Online Gambling

You can’t use PayPal at all casinos

Like other payment methods, the ability to use PayPal is highly dependent on the casino at which you play. Most reputable casinos are fine with PayPal and other e-wallets, but this is something you will need to check for before playing. This information can be found on a Website’s terms of service or guideline page.

Some fees

PayPal money transfers do cost a small fee, but this is similar to most other payment methods. The amount of the fees is dependent on the casino and PayPal’s specific dealings with the company, but the fee is one of the smallest available. Less than other

e-wallets and most credit cards.

You have to wait on withdrawals

The wait time one withdrawals can be up to 3 days. This is due to the secure verification system of PayPal.

PayPal and Online Gambling: FAQs

Is PayPal free?

Yes! PayPal is completely free to sign up and use. However, PayPal does charge some transaction fees depending on the location and nature of the transaction.

Can I use PayPal at every online casino?

No. PayPal is usually accepted at most major, reputable casinos, but there are still some casinos out there that do not allow its use. This information will need to be looked into before trying to link your PayPal account. To find this information check out the website’s basic info or FAQ page.

How large of a deposit can I make to online casinos with PayPal?

The amount you can deposit via PayPal is dictated not by PayPal, but by the regulations of the casino at which you are playing. This means you will need to find that info in the terms of service, or by looking at any written limitations on the withdrawal page.

Can I deposit money to a digital casino with PayPal?

Yes! You will need to make sure that the particular casino you are using allows e- wallet use. But, most reputable casinos do allow the use of PayPal. As long as the casino allows e-wallets, PayPal can and will deposit to that digital casino.

Can US citizens use PayPal?

PayPal is openly available to US citizens, but those people will not be allowed to perform any transactions that violate federal gambling law. This includes withdrawing funds from a casino.

Can I avoid transaction fees?

Unfortunately, all e-wallets and credit cards are going to charge a fee for the transactions between them and the casinos. These amounts are usually fairly low and, especially with e-wallets and their added security, worth paying for the services offered.

Are there alternatives I can use instead of PayPal?

There are plenty of options for alternative payment methods. You can use another e-wallet like Neteller or Skrill. Additionally, you can directly link your bank account or credit card to your casino account. That method is less safe, but can be faster in regard to sign up times. You can also use bitcoin at some casinos. The acceptance of these payment methods all depend on the regulations of the individual casino.

Play Fast, Play Safe, and Play Now with a PayPal Account!

If you are ready to get playing at an online casino today, you can quickly sign up for a PayPal account and skip the worry and trouble of connecting your bank or credit card to each casino! PayPal is a safe and easy way to get your funds transferred to the casino of your choice!

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