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Skrill – The E-Wallet Every Digital Gambler Should Know About

Whether you are a seasoned patron of online casinos or just thinking of getting into internet gambling, there is an important decision that needs to be made – How will you add funds to your chosen casino? Some people choose to pay with their debit or credit cards directly, which is certainly an option. However, this fails to take into consideration the dangers of supplying your private data online, which leaves you vulnerable to digital attacks and identity theft. This is where e-wallets come into play, specifically, Skrill. Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of Skrill, as well as it’s uses in the online gambling world.

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skrill to casino

Skrill is a digital financial service that allows you a place to organize all of your debit and credit card information, while keeping you from having to provide private payment details to online vendors and services. This service is known as an e-wallet.

Skrill was founded in 2001 and was formerly known as Moneybookers. However, after switching the hands of owners a few times, the company rebranded as Skrill. Skrill has been in the possession of Paysafe Group since 2015 and has been thriving! It is now one of the most popular and well-trusted e-wallets around!

Skrill and Online Casinos: The Basics

Skrill and Online Casinos

Skrill is ideal for online casino play. The service is popular, so it is supported at a wide selection of facilities. It is safe, so it allows you to play with confidence. And best of all, the service is free and easy to use.

Skrill was originally widely used at European casinos, but it’s reach has really stretched as laws change in North American countries allow gambling certain areas. It now contends with other big e-wallet names, like PayPal, globally.

Outside of popularity, there is a plethora of reasons people like to use Skrill. Their website is clean and professional, which makes it simple to navigate and simple to use. They also offer mobile application options that are just as streamlined. But why do people like to use Skrill for online gambling in particular? Let’s take a look:

  • Skrill allows quick and easy depositing to most casinos
  • Some casinos provide bonuses to users who use Skrill services
  • Skrill helps users maintain privacy and digital anonymity
  • Skrill is free to sign up for and easy to use

Skrill and Online Casinos: How to Deposit Funds

Find an Online Casino that Allows Skrill

All online casinos have different rules and regulations. When it comes to making deposits and allowing withdrawals, you will need to do your research to know which casinos allow the use of your chosen payment method. Luckily, most reputable casinos allow the use of Skrill and other e-wallets, but you can’t be sure unless you read the

company’s terms of service or other written guidelines.

Set up your account with Skrill

If you have a casino that allows Skrill and are ready to play, it is time to make a Skrill account! If you already have an account, feel free to skip to the next step. If not, here is how to set up a Skrill account

  • Go to Skrill’s official website
  • Click ‘Open a Free Account’
  • Fill out all the required information on the sign-up page
  • Confirm your information through email
  • Ensure that you have the bank account you want to use at the online casino in your Skrill e-wallet account

Find the deposit information page at the Casino

You will need to navigate to the deposit info page, or digital cashier, of the casino of your choice. The location of this page will vary from site to site, but is usually located in the top banner of the digital Casino. If you can’t find the page, try the casino’s FAQ page or Site Map, both can typically be directed to from the links at the very bottom of a webpage.

Choose your Skrill account

Once you are on the deposit page you will need to choose your e-wallet account.

Provide your Skrill account information and deposit amount

You will need to provide the casino with your Skrill account information. This will likely include the log in email associated with your account along with some basic information to help validate the account. Also, you will need to let the casino know how much money to request from your Skrill account. To avoid issues later on, always double check you have typed the correct amount in this field. Keep in mind that each casino could have different policies on minimum deposit amounts.

Wait for the money to arrive in your Casino account

Once you have entered your information and selected ‘Submit,” you will likely be redirected to a secondary confirmation page on Skrill’s website. If you are, simply enter your login credentials to confirm your deposit. Once your deposit is confirmed the funds will be immediately available in your casino account. Note that Skrill might charge you a small processing fee for the transaction. Always be certain to read their terms and conditions regarding fees.

Skrill and Online Casinos: How to Withdraw Funds

Navigate to the Casino’s Withdrawal page

This may be located in the same place as the deposit information, or it might be its own page. Either way, there should be plain navigation to this on any reputable casino’s websites. You can also find this page through the casino’s Site Map and FAQ.

Choose your e-wallet in the transfer drop down

The withdrawal page will want you to inform them of where the money is going. Here, you will want to choose your e-wallet, Skrill, as the destination. Remember, it is your responsibility before getting to this point to have confirmed that the casino allows deposits and withdrawals with Skrill. This information can be found in the casino’s basic information and terms of service, as well as their FAQs.

Fill in additional information

The casino might ask you for additional confirmation info. If this is the case, fill it in completely and accurately. Most importantly, though, is to tell the casino exactly how much money you would like to withdraw. Each casino might have a minimum for withdrawals, this information will be available on each casino’s website. Once you have all your info in place, choose ‘submit.’

Wait for the money to transfer to your Skrill account

Transfer times are usually faster for Skrill than other payment methods, but the time for transfers is still highly dependent on the casino itself.

Safety and Security

Skrill is, hands down, one of the safest financial service options out there. In addition to e- wallets just being very secure by nature, Skrill offers 2-factor authentication to protect users and their identities and personal data. Additionally, Skrill ensures that each transaction is deeply guarded against fraud by providing top-tier encryption and many other security measures.

Skrill is acknowledged and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority, which is a group that regulates financial services in the UK.

It is a big responsibility of online gamblers to ensure they are using reputable casinos that aren’t havens for malware and cyber-crime, but if you make a mistake, or a criminal slips through a casino’s security, it is nice to know that Skrill has their security there to protect you and your hard-earned money.

Skrill Customer Support

Skrill is known for many things, being free: being easy to use: being fast: being safe, but another fantastic quality is their world-class customer support. The support that surrounds any financial service you use should be important to you, and Skrill really steps up to the plate.

Skrill’s website provides direct client support through their help page, which is easy accessed from all other landing pages on the website. The help pages are broken into precise categories to help you ensure you are on the right path for the answer to your question.

If you are having trouble navigating, there is a ‘contact us’ feature which will help you speak directly to the company. Additionally, there are country-specific toll-free help lines for the US, Russia, France, Poland, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the UK. There is also a 24-hour international support line for other countries.

Pros of using Skrill for Online Gambling

Your personal data is kept private

The best part of using an e-wallet is that you know that the information to your credit and bank accounts is being safeguarded. That means that all your digital purchases, whether to a casino or elsewhere, have that extra layer of protection against hackers and identity thieves.

You get quick access to your funds

Not only are deposits to casinos practically instantaneous, but Skrill has some of the fastest withdraw speeds of any e-wallet or other financial service out there.

Select from 40 currencies and 200 countries

The huge selection of currencies and countries means that Skrill is able to support your needs all around the world. Skrill is also known for their low exchange rates on currency.

24/7 customer support

You can never ask too much when it comes to customer support for financial services. If something fishy ever happens to your money, you want to know somebody can help you solve your problem any time of day. Thankfully, Skrill feels the same way and offers outstanding 24/7 customer service.

Outstanding security features

Skrill is heavily regulated, which is something you want out of a financial service. This means they are obligated to provide you with outstanding security, and boy do they ever! Their multi-layered security features are more than enough to keep your private data safe and secure.

Cons of Using Skrill for Online Gambling

  • Skrill might charge small service fees

When you make a deposit to an online casino, you are going to be charged a small fee by Skrill. The exact amount of this fee can be determined by look through both theirs and the casino’s terms of service. This fee is a bit higher than directly using a credit card, but is lower than some other e-wallet companies.

Skrill and Online Gambling: FAQs

Is Skrill free?

  • Yes! Skrill does not charge a thing to open an account through their company. This free account gets you access to all of the amazing customer support and security features, as well as the streamlined website and mobile app. The company does charge small fees for certain transactions, but this is true of most, if not all financial services.

How do I get money on my Skrill account?

  • Skrill is an e-wallet, like PayPal. This means that Skrill is responsible for organizing and safeguarding the information from your bank cards and credit cards (whichever cards you provide information from, to Skrill). This means the funds that are available through Skrill are simply the funds that are available through your linked accounts. Skrill does not offer credit services, all of the funds are from other sources which you have provided.

Is Skrill safe and legal to use?

  • Yes! E-wallets are perfectly legal products that are simply used to keep you from having to use your direct account information on e-stores and services. Additionally, Skrill is very safe. Their company has some of the best security in the e-wallet industry and is strongly regulated due to being based in the UK.

Can I deposit money to a digital casino with Skrill?

  • Yes! You will need to make sure that the particular casino you are using allows e- wallet use. But, most reputable casinos do allow the use of Skrill. As long as the casino allows e-wallets, Skrill can and will deposit to that digital casino.

Can only UK citizens use Skrill?

  • No! Skrill can be used in over 200 different countries.

Can US players use Skrill?

  • Of course! Skrill can be used by citizens in the United States. If they plan to sue Skrill at a digital casino they will need to be certain the casino accepts e-wallet use, and that the casino is being run outside of the US (per their federal law on

digital gambling).

Does Skrill charge fees?

  • Yes, like most funding options Skrill charges a small fee when making deposits to certain online casinos. This fee is determined by both Skrill and the digital casino itself, but the fees are fairly middle ground. They are more than some credit cards, but less than other e-wallet options.

Are there alternatives I can use instead of Skrill?

  • If you would like to pay at an online casino a different way, there are plenty of choices. You can directly use your debit or credit card (if the casino allows them), or you can choose another e-wallet like PayPal or Neteller. Additionally, some casinos will allow you to use bitcoin, if that is something that interests you as well. All of these options are going to be dependent on the casino at which you choose to play! Be sure to check their guidelines and terms of service for additional information.

Feel Confident in Your Personal Security Gambling Online with Skrill!

  • When you settle in for some digital gaming at online casinos, you don’t want to have to worry about punching in your credit card number and wondering if you will be able to withdraw your winnings at the end of the day. With Skrill, you can play with the confidence that your info is safe and your winnings are coming home!

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