Online Casino Gambling The Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments for Online Casino Gambling

There is a reason why some gamblers succeed financially in online casino gambling site while others succumb to the pressures of the contests. The smart players survive and even flourish because they follow a set of online gambling commandments which put them in a position to succeed.

If you do not have a plan of action when you log onto your favourite online casino gambling site, you risk becoming a player who too easily gets caught up in the excitement of play and perishes in the flames of the action of the games. You must establish a set of rules for yourself when you play online casino games, and you must vow never to waver from these rules.

  • Choose an Online Casino Gambling Site Compatible with your Needs – Be sure that the mission and goals of the casino website are aligned with yours. Read the policies of the website and note its alignment with your needs and attention to your rights as the consumer of its product. If there is no focus on the player, but rather on mundane matters, then look for a different casino website.
  • Choose an Online Casino of your Peers – Make certain that there are tables in the casino where players of similar means, age and ability can participate together in interactive games. Otherwise, you will feel like a fish out of water, and will become frustrated and unhappy with your play.
  • Choose an Online Casino That Features Games of your Preference – There are over two thousand online casino gambling websites vying for your patronage. Select a site where you can play your favourite games. Research! Research! and more Research! will enable you to select the correct online casinos for your needs.
  • Know Your Resources – Make sure that you understand your expenses and never wager more than you can afford. It is better that you play free games for a week instead of risking the food on your family’s dinner table.
  • Set a Budget and Do Not Waver From It – Before you sit down to play, set a budget for play during that session and vow that under no circumstances will you waver from the parameters of the budget. This will stop you from dipping into other monies and run the risk of overextending your finances.
  • Play Only When your Mind is Free – The best time for you to play is when you are relaxed mentally and physically, so that you can enjoy the online gambling experience to the highest degree. If you just had an argument with your spouse or child, delay your online play until you have cooled off from the stress of the confrontation. In this way, you will be able to focus on the casino games and not be preoccupied with extraneous matters.
  • Read Game Rules and be Knowledgeable of Site Policies – The more you know about the operations of a casino and the protocol of particular games, the less you will be susceptible to surprises. Some of the areas of concern are payment and deposit methods and customer service protocols.
  • Contact the Customer Service Department Prior to Play – It is advisable that you send an email, at the very least, to the casino’s Customer Service Department informing the staff that you will soon be making a deposit for play and that they should inform you of specific procedures to follow in the deposit process. This will introduce you to a member of the casino team and you will be able to call on this person for assistance down the road, if necessary.
  • Make Sure your Casino has a Fairness of Play Certificate – Check to ensure that your casino has its software and operations inspected by an independent entity on a regular basis and that there is documentation present on the website attesting to its compliance.
  • Play Only at Online Casino Sites Committed to Customer Satisfaction – If the site does not have a Customer Service Department available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, available to communicate in your native tongue, then you should look else where for a site.