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Do you belong to the category that often crave-for a Nostalgic 3-reel slot machine, 1 Win-line driven on an entertaining, unique sport-related story-line & several exceptional turns of events twists? If so, look no further than this slot machine & involve in a universal Football tournament.

Among the primary target with this Global Cup Soccer slot machine focusses on obtaining as many prizes as possible. Likewise, the game also caters for the famous English Premier League, FA Trophy, World Cup tournaments, etc. Each of these fixtures is entirely just around the corner. Besides, you might desire to have this linesman acts in your favor since the characters can offer reward worth over a handicap.

In preparation to the start-off whistle blow, sure, you may contemplate on the goal you desire to accomplish since the game allows for a spin up to 1, 2 or 3 credits, & the total jackpots reward can get magnified with the coin wager. Besides, it's also essential to select a coin amount provided in the range of 0.01 – 10 credits, that's is usable to magnify the value of the payout.

The entire jackpots obtained displays across the panel towards left-side of this slot reels that as well gets magnified in two-folds while this game pay-table, quite an excellent slight twist.

1st Round

The 1st Round of this jackpot reward demonstrates that players can obtain winnings while they appear one or two balls over the Win-line or several mixes of bars. A single ball in whichever of 3-reel spots can offer a reward worth 1x – 3x of the coin amount, during which whichever of 2 balls can offer a reward worth 5x – 15x of the coin amount.

Three of the varied bars can bring about 5x – 15x of the player's coin amount, while 3 of the 1x appearing bars can deliver reward worth 10x – 30x. Also, three of the 2x appearing bars can grant payouts worth 30x – 90x, & 3 of the 3x appearing bars can reward up to 40x – 120x.

2nd Round

In most cases, the 2nd half of a soccer game is often more thrilling compared to 1st Round, & possibly players can earn significant jackpot reward during the 2nd Round of this jackpot reward. Once you can bring into view 3 various prizes towards obtaining 10x – 30x of the coin amount, during which the multiplier increases to 60x – 180x in return to winning the FA Cup up to three counts.

After that, the UEFA trophy holds up o 80x – 240x, & a maximum jackpot amount worth 100x – 300x in return to the World Trophy. However, you'll have yourself kicked perhaps you never made an attempt to acquire the whole 3 balls at the rear side of the goalpost since they reward from 200x – 600x of the coin amount.

Nevertheless, the blow right there on the lips of linemen incorporates the clue to anyone that gains access to the maximum jackpots during the World Football game, & 3 of these linesmen characters can reward up to 750x – 2,500x of the player's coin amount.

Additional Time

Global Cup Soccer slot machine cuts in some other timing if there can be an additional prize to quest after. If you can appear 1 of every single payout towards increasing the Varied Cup jackpots up to 3x or rather bring into view this FA Trophy, UEFA Champs fixture, & World Trophy towards increasing the Varied Cup jackpots up to five times.


Indeed, Rival Gaming has been able to demonstrate its versed knowledge in the Nostalgic slot machine sector. At the same time realized that old school slot gamesters aspire for games that are quite similar to their first release, still provide sufficient creativity towards establishing such quest more fascinating.

This developer already put in effect the above criteria in this slot machine driven by an entertaining football story-line, a displaying panel, & couples of exciting jackpots offers. You may attain a steady payout on any occasion.