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The Innovative Real-time Gaming Blackjack

RTG blackjack is a game that is well-known for being one of the best game on the internet when it comes to being fast.

Just in case you are interested in getting lots of hands in an hour, Real Time Gaming is going to give you a happy mood you desire. You can get to enjoy the downloadable and the Instant Play version of the games provided

There is no much difference in the download and the no-download version of these games, some other reviewers opined that the download version gives better graphics and sound effects, but we can figure out any much differences

RTG is popular for being a friendly provider in the United States of America. As software providers such as the Playtech, Microgaming and the likes abandon the ship. RTG continued its support for the online casino that is the US friendly

Below you are going to see the information that we have provided for the Real Time Gaming

Play on RTG Blackjack



Play on RTG Blackjack


Looking from the perspective of being an operator, we can gallantly say that RTG has a lot to offer the players. The cost that will be incurred on getting their software is relatively low compared to others. Provision is as well made for the operator to configure their games

For some other software providers, they make it compulsory for the players to make use of the same rules and payout percentage, but then RTG does not make this on compulsion, the operators can decide to change the settings at their own will. An example is that one RTG might set out their blackjack game making use of 8 decks, and the other can as well make use of only 4 decks

Although this is not that related to the software, but then one thing that we have noticed over time is the fact that most operators that make use of the Real-Time Gaming always have sign-up bonuses that are relatively high. The unfortunate thing for the players that enjoy Blackjack is that there are strict restrictions as they will be faced with some wagering requirement. In most cases, the Blackjack does not even count to the wagering requirement

The reason for this include

Blackjack's house edge is relatively low such that smart players can try and get away to figure out a way in which they can get to outsmart the casino. For instance, if you sign-up on the Realtime Gaming Casino, you are going to enjoy 200% matching bonus which is worth up to $2,000. You can decide to deposit $1,000, then $3,000 will now be your bankroll

An instance is when the casino wants you to meet 45x wagering requirement with the inclusion of your bonus before you will be able to cash out. This is an indication that you must have wager up to $135,000 before you cash out

Players that select an amazing game on the RTG, making use of the best strategy will be faced with an house-edge which is 0.34%. $459 will now be the loss amount if you wager $135,000. The standard deviation will be an indication that there will be variation, but then you will be sure of making a profit. Looking at this calculation $3000 – $459 equals $2531, you will get to see that this is a profit of $1541 on the first $1,000 deposit that you have made

Play on RTG Blackjack

If you can get an online casino that counts the Blackjack as part of the wagering requirement, the chances are that they will only count 10% towards the requirement. All of a sudden, $459 you expect to lose can immediately change to $4590. If you follow this mathematics, you will get to know that the casino is actually expecting a profit

The odds can be defied, although players win on daily basis, but the casino has made conscious effort by ensuring the fact in the long run, the payout favors them


The games that are available on this slot include Blackjack, Pontoon, Face Up 21, Perfect Pairs, Match Play 21, and the Super 21


The blackjack game is of great standard and it has the following rules. The dealer is going to hit a soft 17. Players can double down on any of the first two cards, and players can double after they might have split the cards. Splitting can only be made twice, and you can only have up to 3 plays in a single play. The aces cannot be re-split, any time the dealer has a natural, only your original bet will be lost. There are variations in the house edge of this games, it depends on the number of decks on play. If the surrender is allowed you will get to enjoy 0.34% on 2 decks, 0.49% on 4 decks, and 0.54% on 6 decks. On the other hand, you will get to enjoy 0.40% on 2 Decks, 0.58% on 4 Decks, and 0.63% on 6 Decks

Perfect Pairs: This has similar rules with the Blackjack, the optional side bet can be said to be the only difference with their rules. The house edge is not that realistic considering the fact that is a bit too high. Having said this, and you still decide to go for it, you should understand the fact that it ranges from 4.1% to 22.3% due to the variation in the house edge

This optional side bet is all about guessing if 2 cards that has similar ranks will come up. There are variations in the payout as well, it depends on whether they are of the same suit or colour

Match Play 21

Match Play 21 can as well be referred to as the Spanish 21, just that there are differences in the name. Players that have the chance of getting 3 suited 7s against 7th dealer, such player is going to get a bonus payout which is 40 to 1. The configuration of the deck can be said to be one of the differences that occurs between this game and the typical standard one, the thing is that they ensure they remove the 10

There are several bonus payout on the games, an example is a 6 card 21 21 pays 2 to 1, the 5 card 21 pays 3 to 1. After you might have doubled down and split the games, the bonuses will no longer be available

This game is so interesting just that the house edge is 0.8%, mathematically we can get to see that it’s inferior to the blackjack games

Face Up 21

Eve money is always being paid by A natural
The wins can only be doubled using a total of 9, 10, or 11
The house edge is 0.75%
The aces cannot be re-split
Provision is not made for an option to surrender
The dealers will hit on a soft 17

In some cases, this game can be referred to as the “Double Exposure Blackjack”. The variation in the rule is that the two cards of the dealers are exposed instead of making it only one


The payout of this is 2 to 1 on a blackjack. When the dealer hits the soft 17, players will be given the chance to re-split those aces. Provision is not made for surrender in this aspect too, and the 0.65% is the house edge

There are varieties of rules that are quite different from the blackjack standard. On a normal ground, the Blackjack is being referred to as a natural or a blackjack, but then it is also referred to as a Pontoon. On this game, the best hand that seconds is the 5 card trick, which can be said to be any of the 5 card hand that is yet to burst. All tricks in the 5 card are of the same value irrespective of the hand pointy value

Looking at the 3rd best hands, this can be said to be any of the 4 cards or things that are fewer. The most important things at this aspect are the points, they really matter, the more point you have, the better things get

Super 21

This is what the land-based casinos referred to as the “Super Fun 21”. The popularity is in Las Vegas, but then the gameplay has a house edge that is high compared to the available blackjack games

Only even money is being played by the Blackjack, and the dealer do hit on the soft 17. Players can decide to double down on any of the two cards, but then it is not always possible to split those aces. Provision is made for the surrender option

RTG Casinos

There are over 70 different online casinos that make use of the software from the Realtime Gaming. Some of the amazing casino that makes use of the RTG software include Bovegs, Cherry Gold, RED Dog Casino

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RTG offers the sleekest and fastest online Blackjack. This is absolutely a good choice for players in the United States of America to bet with their real money. Available games can be easily configured for this reason the edge varies from a casino to the other, but then the basic strategy is of the same pattern. Players should just stick to the blackjack variants basic because of the lowest house edge

On the final note, we have observed that the RTG casinos are more interesting than others, for this reason just stay tuned to our site such that will be updated on the best casino you can carry out your gameplay on

Play on RTG Blackjack