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Are you an admirer of rehabilitating/putting together a habitation in disrepair or out of order? Not just that, you can hope for a tremendous deal amount of money in return along the process. On that occasion, an ideal choice for you is this Rival Gaming innovation of Fixer Upper Slot that allows you to encounter home repairs.

Fixer Upper Online Slots

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Nevertheless, even though you might not be under any circumstances desire to engage a dab of home repairs, it's a slot machine you can't resist its value as it allows the opportunity to acquire a whopping sum of payouts to compensate others.

Besides, the game considers diverse winning ways to earn money, alongside a DIY female expert bonus Spins, exclusive free play feature, multiples of story's jackpot characters & Wild symbols tagged as Ladders.

Switch off the tunes; failure to do so will cause inconveniences & make you catch the sensation as if you're pounded a nail right there over your forehead for just 30 secs. Nevertheless, the moment you already deactivate music, its indeed an entertaining game to have for pleasure.

Basis for Play

If you can appear 3 or higher of this Red spanner symbols, this will activate a whopping sum of money with the free play feature. Also, part of the essentials required is a player’s Home repairs competency towards finishing up chains of missions on the verge of obtaining payouts.

You may need to apply coloring on one or two walls, carry out some construction activities. Besides, you can either demonstrate your plumbing abilities or clear your new house of pushovers. Sure, this is entirely planned for a daily task.

Wild Symbols | Ladders

This slot has its Wild character represented as Ladders & can help make progress through the jackpot table. Also, once you can appear four of this character over a Win-line, this can earn you up to 888 credits, during which while you can appear up to five of it on the Win-line, the returns become bigger, reaching to a worth of 8,888 credits.

Furthermore, this symbol has the potentials to stand-in for the remaining characters towards bringing forth different Jackpot & any of the wild symbols that surface across the pay-line. All of them perform like a multiplying coefficient, 2 can magnify the Jackpot amount in twofold, etc.

Nevertheless, while a Bonus Spin feature is active, the wild jackpots become at least magnified threefold. Yet, every single extra wild symbol raises the jackpot amount of a 1x multiplier, while two increase the jackpot value of a 4x multiplier.

Once you successfully surface three or higher of these DIX female expert symbols, the aftermath activates the Bonus Spin paly-attachment, during which three of it can activate 10 bonus spins, four can activate 20 bonus spins & 5 triggers 50 bonus spins.

How to Win | Parameters

The potential Jackpot available for winning during either the regular game mode & that of bonus spins is mostly parameters. In contrast, the maximum jackpots value a player can obtain in return to aligning five characters with any jigsaw, mallets, and nails are 60 times the wager amount on the pay-line-bet.

Simultaneously, a boring-tool attracts 75x, steel rule attracts 100, nailers attract 125x, rollers assigns 200x, paint rewards up to 300x, & the highest of all is the spades that award up to 400x.

Furthermore, in this Fixer Upper slot machine, players can hope for a whopping sum worth 500 times the wager amount on the line in return to aligning 5 of the DIY male experts, & so many little-sized jackpot values in return to aligning 3 or 4 characters with whichever of jackpot symbols thereby bettering one's chances to obtain payout in the course of play.

Besides, players will come across so many admirable visual styles designed alongside, encompassing the brass-structured chassis, which encloses this slot reels, the kit spin control, alongside couples of the victory video clips. This rewarding-related character acts like the feeling you can perceive of a mallet pounding a nail & this contributes further to the merrymaking.

Bet Limit

This slot wager as well is relatively easy & complements gamesters of lesser budget. Also, all you have to do is to merge up to your discretion from a range of 1-20 pay-lines, 1 – 10 coins, & coin amounts worth 0.01 – 0.25 towards establishing an excellent overall wager value.


The whole scenery & action is more as if you make habitation purchases out of order or defected. Then venture your funds to it over a specified period in returns to acquiring the yields accompanied by an innovative free spins feature, Home repairs expert bonus Spins, Wild attachment to watch out for. Optimistically, you'll definitely obtain the profits of your stake.