Flash casino – play online flash games

Playing at a Flash Casino means playing without having to perform any online casino downloads or installation. In other words, it's a site that features flash versions of online casino games, simply register as a user and start to play. When playing this way, reliability is the same as the downloadable versions but there are some minor differences.

Online flash casino – advantages

Playing at a flash casino is certainly the simplest gaming option when a person wants to play at online casino. There is no need for any preparation, because there is no need to install anything. Just click on the flash option button, usually located on the online casino website homepage, open a user account and within seconds, any player can get started. This is a handy solution when a player wants to play but he cannot use his own PC.

When a player has not decided which casino he likes the best, and wants to sample different casinos and their various versions of a given game, using the flash casino version is the most suitable way to play. Flash gaming options usually allow play in both “fun mode” and real money situations.

Using the flash game option also helps a player avoid multiple downloads from different casinos websites, saves time, and prevents the slowing down of the computer's working rhythm. On the other hand, a player must take into account the differences between the two gaming options; in the flash version, graphics are less sophisticated, sometimes the game runs slower and there are generally less gaming options.

Playing flash casino games – technical information

Access to the flash version of casino games is possible if the Flash plug-in or Java software is installed on the player’s PC. The Flash plug-in is easily downloaded from the Macromedia website, and Java software is provided for free at the Sun Microsystems website. Both options permit access to flash casino games directly from a browser. For Mac owners and Linux users, the flash gaming option is ideal.

Downloadable online casino – advantages

There are situations when downloading and installing an online casino on one’s PC is advised. When a player has a preferred casino and easy access to his PC, it is much more convenient to use the downloaded version. A player using the installed version can experience all the gaming options missing in the flash version and get: a wider choice of games versions, the live chat option, the possibility to adjust games speed, and more.