When poker meets university students

Poker strategy as a subject of study The introduction of poker strategy as a subject of study in business and law departments, particularly in North American universities, has helped to change the views of the sometimes controversial game. Students have been literally captured by the game, becoming passionate online and live poker players and in turn influencing the internet poker market.

Over the last forty years, poker has gone through a period of great change that has resulted in the complete rehabilitation of the game. The most significant event that led to this change was certainly the television broadcast of 1973 WSOP. Since then, every edition has been broadcast, increasing the growth and renown of the game.

 Poker Cards

Up until that broadcast, poker was considered a game of chance and suffered a bad reputation. Those who played poker were thought of negatively as well. The broadcasting of WSOP showed poker in a different light; the participants mental effort during tournament play was obvious. It was evident that top players were using high level strategies and knowledge to make it to the final rounds of the tournaments.

Poker is an activity that allows students to earn a living while studying and easily fits with university schedules.

Poker comes to university
It is likely that the observation of poker champion behavior has led to a growing interest in the strategic component of the game. The first academic experts to take interest in poker strategy were professors of economics, business and law. The need to take risk into account and foresee possible gains from every move, seemed to be exactly what was needed in the world of business. In addition, the strategy used in the game could also be used for legal conflict resolution.

Students positively welcomed poker
Poker meets students
Once academics realized the positive uses of poker, it also became prominent in courses that deal with statistics and game theory. Students immediately and positively welcomed poker, considering it not only a study subject, but also a great pastime for leisure, and an ideal game to play with friends.

Poker, also a way to gain money
With the launch of websites that allow people to play poker on the internet, poker has turned into large source of revenue for university students. When playing against friends the stakes are generally quite low. Usually stakes are added to create excitement around the game. Playing online against strangers makes it easier to win big money and “beat the sucker”.

According to surveys conducted on students from various European and American universities, a rate of students ranging from 20% to 30% state that playing online poker is an activity that allows them to earn a living while studying and easily fits with university schedules.

Students influence the online poker market
The introduction of poker strategy as a study topic in some university courses has changed the lives of many students who have become fans of the game. At the same time, the popularity of poker and especially online poker among students is leading to significant changes in the world of online and live poker.

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